The beginning of weekends brings along fresh burst of energy. People plan to utilize their weekends in the way they love the most. What more do you expect from a voracious reader than to start a new book. And that’s the point of my bookish meme.

First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama. Everyone is welcome to join.

The rules are very simple:

  • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough. If you want to explain more, it would be lovely!!

I just request that you link back to ‘Preeti’s Panorama’ on your own ‘First on Fridays’ post. You can share your comments if you do not have a blog. 

Have fun with it and enjoy the world of books.

Guilt could not change the past. Worry could not change the future. And yet, both followed Baden with relentless determination. One brandished a barbed whip, the other a serrated blade, and though he had no visible wounds, he bled buckets every damned day.

The constant stream of pain provoked the beast. Upon his return from the dead, the creature moved into his mind. His new companion was far worse than any demon. And he should know! The fiend resented the physical cage… was starved for prey.

Kill someone. Kill everyone!

It was the beast’s war cry. A command Baden heard whenever someone approached him. Or looked at him. Or simply breathed. The urge to obey always followed…

I will not kill, he vowed. He was not the beast, but separate.

Easily said. Harder to enforce. He prowled from one corner of his bedroom to the other and yanked at the collar of the shirt, ripping the soft cotton in an effort to assuage the constant discomfort. His too sensitive skin needed continuous soothing. Another perk of returning from the dead.

Do these lines entice you enough to make the book to be your First on Friday or not?

The first thing which seized my attention and compelled me to go through this book was GENA SHOWALTER… I have read books written by her in the same series as well as in the ATLANTIS Series, and I liked them. The second thing was the cover guy and his butterfly tattoo… Sizzling!!! [fanning myself].

As if these two things weren’t enough… the beginning had to be so captivating. I mean, just go through the paragraphs… The guy was dead before!!! He has come back and along with a demon caged inside him. The guy is restless and there is a constant turmoil within him- between his humane side and the demon. The story has just begun…
There are many prequels in this series of Lord of the Underworld but they all can be easily read as stand-alone.

Taking all this into consideration, it is definitely First on Friday for me!!! sure

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 Do checkout the other eleven books in the picture links below… Every one is unique in itself 🙂



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