With innumerable shows on Netflix, it is certainly an ardent task to pick one. When it comes to choosing some of the best Romantic Kdramas on Netflix, the task becomes more difficult.

Korean Dramas are on a rising trend now. Many people in the world have started watching the Korean dramas for their varied content and good storylines. 

Being a Kdrama lover myself, I thought of bringing together some of the many Romantic Korean Dramas I had watched the past couple of years and enjoyed

All the shows enlisted here are available on Netflix.

Disclaimer: The various TV series, selected in this list, are solely based on my personal opinion and in no order of ranking. (Just in Alphabetical Order )

30 Best Romantic Kdramas On Netflix Which Are Absolutely Binge-Worthy

I had listed out 15 Kdramas of this Decade in my previous post. That list too contains many hit Romantic Kdramas of Netflix. So altogether you have a huge pool of 45 Kdramas to choose from.


Genre: Romance, Fantasy 

Romantic KDramas on Netflix

Inspired by a mythological tale of Sun Wukong and Tang Sanzang, this series is about a girl named Seon-Mi who has the vision to see spirits.

A series of incidents make her come across two deities during her childhood. One(Woo Ma Wang) who asks a favor from her and another(Oh Son Gong) who is indebted to protect her.

However, she grows up facing her own terrors alone and establishes herself as a real estate agent. Destiny makes them cross each other’s paths once again. 

The deities come to know about the real identity of Seon Mi and the power she holds. Hence starts the struggle between the deities to seek her true light for regaining immortality.

A Korean Odyssey
Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, Cha Seung Won

Well, I definitely can root for watching Lee-Seung-Gi but more than that I loved this series for the non-stop bickering between Ma Wang and Son Gong. And yes… do look out for the cameos by various top-notch actors of Korean Entertainment


Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Romantic Series on Netflix

The supernaturals give a second chance to Cha Min by reviving him after a fatal accident. He not only finds himself in a completely new attractive body but also in possession of a celestial object ‘Abyss’. 

This glowing ball has the ability to revive any dead being around and hence it helps up reviving his good friend Go Se Yeon. The plot thickens when unfortunate events cause the Abyss to be with one person who should never ever have it.

Cast: Ahn Hyo Seop, Park Bo Young

If you like a slight touch of Fantasy in a Rom-Com; if you are a fan of Park-Bo-Young who is an incredible actress or if you want to be charmed with the innocence of Ahn-Hyo-Seop…you should surely watch it.


Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi

Sci Fi Romantic KDrama Series

An artificial intelligence robot is sent to take the identity of NamShin, heir to a Multinational Company when the latter falls into a coma.

NamShin is forced to grow up away from his mother due to his grandfather’s authoritative nature.

To overcome her grief of separation, his mother who is an AI specialist creates an android robot- NamShin-III which looks like her son.

Kang So Bong is one of his bodyguards of the chaebol heir. The story takes an unexpected turn when Kang So Bong starts falling for the charms of NamShin-III. Will her feelings be reciprocated?

Are You Human
Cast: Seo Kang Joon, Gong Seung Hoon

It was one of the first TV Series which took the topic of a love relationship between an AI and human. It is a controversial topic and has been debated over for many years. 

Adding to that Seo Kang Joon needs to be applauded for his acting talent. With his small yet meaningful gestures, even without dialogues, one could differentiate between NamShin as a human or an android.


Genre: Rom-Com

One of the best romance Kdrama

This story revolves around the struggles and love-life of a girl named GongShim who is living in the shadow of her beautiful and talented elder sister.

Gongshim has always been considered second to her sister. She is plain in her appearance and does not have a stable job as compared to her sister who works in a renowned law firm.

Enters Seok Joon Pyo, a lawyer who is looking out for a room for rent. He starts living as a tenant in a rooftop room owned by GongShim.

Around the same time, GongShim meets a chaebol heir for whom she develops a crush.

Beautiful Gongshim
Cast: Namkoong Min, Minah

The series oozes such warmth. The two protagonists do not make you feel bored at any point of time throughout the series. Their acting is on point and comedy timings are perfect. It is funny and romantic at the same time.


Genre: Rom-Com

Romantic kdramas on Netflix

Nam Se Hee is the owner of a beautiful house with a cat and a huge loan. Yoon Ji Ho is a screenwriter who aspires to become a successful writer. Circumstances make her homeless and they both end up being housemates.

The twist of fate makes them impossible to be housemates until they end up getting married to each other. Dealing with career issues and adjusting in their new married life, will these two strangers ever find love in their life.

Because This Is My First Life
Cast: Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min

Watch for the calmness this series brings along with it. It is a plot which has an expected ending but the way it has been presented is something to look out for.


Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Romantic Fantasy K Drama Series

A love story spanning over 200 years. A love story of a girl whose fates change for good when she comes across her beloved. A story of love where a price has to be paid by the ones who were wrong once.

Jung Hae Ra was born in a good family but the demise of her parents threw her in a hole of utter misery. She tries to be cheerful and positive but things just don’t work out for her in any way possible.

Working in a travel agency she dreams of going abroad once but her dream looks so far fetched. Drowning in her sorrows she remembers about a coat which her parents had ordered for her on her birthday. 

She goes to the boutique to collect it and comes across the seamstress Sharon. The seamstress lives a cursed life of immortality for the sins she committed in her life.

What will happen when they all come across once again after 200 years?

Black Knight
Cast: Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung

The series has an air of mystery and the thread which connects the main characters with each other from their past life is something to watch out for.


Genre: Rom-Com

Romance Kdrama Series

Eun Ha Won is a hard-working girl who is saving money for her higher degree. Lady luck smiles on her when she is hired by an elderly chaebol to stay in his mansion to train and bring his three grandsons closer. 

The grandsons have nothing in common and act as rivals. However, with Eun Ha Won coming in their lives things take on a positive change.

The plot becomes more interesting when these knights start to develop feelings for Eun Ha Won

Cinderella And The Four Knights
Cast: Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min

For the four handsome men of course. The viewers who like to watch cutesy concepts of love and lots of eye-candy…this series can be what you are looking for.


Genre: Rom-Com

Clean With Passion Now

Gil O Sol is a bright and cheery girl who starts working in a cleaning company. Jang Sun Gyeol is the boss of that company who suffers from Mysophobia.

Initially, they do not go along well because of the uptight behaviour of Jang Sun Gyeol and the messy personality of Gil O Sol, but soon love starts blossoming between them.

Clean With Passion Now
Cast: Kim Yoo Jung, Yoon Kyun Sang, Song Jae Rim

Definitely one feel good romantic kdramas on Netflix which has many cute moments.


Genre: Romance

Romantic Series

Choi Han Gyul is an heir to a rich family. He refuses to follow into the family business and opens his own cafe.

A group of strangers come together to work in the ‘Coffee Prince’ Cafe. One of them is Go Eun Chan who is often mistaken as a boy because of her Tomboy personality. In this confusion, she is hired by Han Gyul as an employee in the cafe

Trouble starts when Choi Han Gyul begins to develop feelings for Go Eun Chan without knowing her real identity. His feelings start to frustrate him as he questions his own sexuality.

Cast: Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jae Wook

Not only the actors were applauded for their impeccable work but the series was also talk of the town for teasing the concept of Gay Relationship. A decade ago these relationships were not openly accepted everywhere.


Genre: Rom-Com

One of the Best Romantic Kdrama on Netflix

Yoon Se Ri, a chaebol heiress owning a huge cosmetic chain meets with an accident while paragliding. The accident leaves her hanging on a tree through a parachute. Ri Jeong Hyuk, an army official, finds her and she crash lands on him. 

To her shock, she learns that the accident has brought her across the border to North Korea. Jeong Hyuk belongs to the North Korean Army situated at the border. After providing her shelter and food, he decides to send her back to her own country secretly.

Slowly, both of them start falling for each other but with a border of countries between them, the happy ending seems far away.

Crash Landing On You
Cast: Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin

The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 was all about this series. Judged as one of the best romantic Kdramas on Netflix, it broke records as one of the most watched TV series of South Korea after Goblin (which was released in 2016)


Genre: Rom-Com

A beautiful Rom Com to watch

Sung Deok Mi works as a curator in a famous Gallery but her private life is all about fangirling over Cha Si An, a kpop idol. She devotes her free time to clicking pictures of her favourite idol.

Dressing from head to toe in a black gear she hides her identity as she cannot take the risk of being thrown out of her job or being judged by others. 

An overseas trip makes her come across Ryan Gold who is a renowned painter himself. Back in the country, they meet again as Ryan takes over the position of Director in the same gallery.

The fun begins when a misunderstanding among the fans of Cha Si An causes Ryan and Deok Mi to pose themselves as a couple. 

Her Private Life
Cast: Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Ahn Bo Young

I would surely recommend this for the sizzle between Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook which was present throughout.


Genre: Rom-Com

A Sci-Fi Romance Kdrama

A story of a young man Kim Min Kyu who runs a finance company. He has a severe form of allergy due to a trauma in his childhood. 

This allergy doesn’t allow him to have any skin contact with other humans. The allergic reactions can be fatal and hence he lives an isolated lonely life in a huge mansion. 

Jo Ji Ah is an inventor of sorts who is saving money to start her own business. She comes across her ex-boyfriend who has developed a humanoid which looks like Ji Ah. 

Due to an error, the robot collapses a few days before its delivery to Kim Min Kyu. Ji Ah accepts the offer of her ex by posing as a fake robot for a decent amount. 

Kim Min Kyu doesn’t have any allergic reaction as he considers Ji Ah a robot. But will things change for good or bad when he comes to know about the truth?

I Am Not A Robot
Cast: Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin

A good watch I must say. The story has pace, the concept is different from the usual rom-coms. Some scenes are cherish-able for the ones, who are real romantic at heart.


Genre: Romance, Inspiring

One of the Inspiring and romantic Kdrama Series on Netflix

The series revolves around Park Sae Ro Yi, a teenage boy who believes in living life without compromising on his principles.

Tragedy befalls him when he is expelled out of the high school for saving his classmate from a bully who happens to be heir of a large MNC. His father loses his job due to the same incident.

He is struck with lightning when his only parent, his father meets with a hit and run accident. Instead of punishing the offender, Park Sae Ro Yi ends up as an ex-convict.

Even then he does not think of bending the rules which he believes in and hopes to live a good life. Ten years later, he is the owner of DanBam, a cafe in Itaewon.

His life takes a major turn when he meets Jo Yi Seo.

Itaewon Class
Cast: Park Seon Joo, Kim Da Mi, Ahn Bo Hyun

The drama scores high points for having a well-written plot, great choice of actors, inspiring dialogues, amazing OSTs and situations which are very close to reality. 

But what takes away the cake is the badass character of Jo Yi Seo played by Kim Da Mi. Brilliantly executed. 


Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Fanatsy Rom Com Kdrama

Loosely based on one of the folk tales of Korea, this series is about the love story of a mermaid and human. This series was a hit from the word Go due to the Hallyu actors involved in it. 

It is easily ranked within top ten best romantic kdramas on Netflix with actors like Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. The series shows two parallel stories of the same souls in the past and in present.

Heo Jeon Jae turned into a con-artist after leaving his family. After a successful gimmick, he flies overseas for vacations where he comes across Shim Jeong.  

There he comes across a few armed guys who were conned by him previously. Shim Jeong tries to help him in escaping but they end up at the edge of a cliff. They both jump into the sea to avoid getting caught.

Shim Jeong, being a mermaid, easily swims in the sea and helps Jeon Jae by bringing him to the shore. She erases his memory of her and returns back to the waters.

Back in Seoul, Jeon Jae gets back to his work with his two other friends whereas Shim Jeong swims across many oceans and seas to reach him.

Legend Of The Blue Sea
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun

In the history of South Korean Television, it is one of the costliest series ever made. Be it the fashionable clothes, the cinematography, the special effects or the actors themselves.


Genre: Romance, School

Romantic KDrama Netflix Series

In a fictional world of today, there is an app which lets you know if anyone who admires you comes within 10mtr range of your phone.

People, especially the youngsters are totally into this app and it has become a new craze in the school where Kim Jo Jo studies. She is an orphan who has no option but to live with her aunt and her mean cousin.

One fine day, she meets the handsome high school student

She meets the handsome high school student of her school who is attracted to her and their story begins. Unfortunately, his best friend has also had a crush on JoJo for a very long time. 

Love Alarm
Cast: Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, Jun Ga Ram

Watch it for the beautiful and handsome protagonists. But also watch for the impressive projection of characters representing the youngsters today.


Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi

Best Romantic Kdramas on Netflix

Han So Yeon is an employee working in a company where everyone considers her a cold-hearted lady. In truth she has to behave in this way to protect the secret she holds. 

She suffers from Face Blindness and hence cannot recognise people unless they speak or wear the same clothes. She mostly spends her time all by herself until an AI enters her life.

This one of a kind AI is eager to help So Yeon in any way possible. Her solitary life seems to have come to an end with his presence… until the creator of the AI comes to take it back.

My Holo Love
Cast: Yoon Hyun Min, Ko Sung Hee

Watch this interesting kdrama for this amazingly refreshing concept involving a hologram AI. A great storyline which experiments relationship between a human and a hologram.


Genre: Romance, Inspiring

Inspiring romantic kdramas on Netflix

Kang Mi Rae starts her college life after she undergoes the plastic surgery for her face. Due to her looks she was bullied and looked down upon throughout her childhood which has scarred her personality.

She thought her new look would bring an end to all her miseries. But sadly she is judged again for the surgery.

Her personality lacks confidence and she succumbs to the wishes of other people easily. Enters Do Kyung Seok who befriends her and slowly encourages her to have faith in herself and not in the opinions of others.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
Cast: Cha Eun Woo, Im Soo Hyang

It is not only a heartwarming romantic series but a story which gives food for thoughts.


Genre: Rom-Com, Fantasy

Cute Rom Com with Time Travel

An actress Soo Jung who is known for her mean behaviour, accidentally travels back in time to the 6th century. There she meets a guy named On Dal who is materialistic but kind hearted. Their journey along with each other brings them closer though they are living in different times.

Cast: Lee Jong Hyun, Gong Seung Yeon, Ahn Bo Hyun

The chemistry between these main leads is electrifying and you just are left with a smile on your face every time you watch them.

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Genre: Romance, Mystery. Paranormal

Romance Series

Na Bong Sun is a timid person who is shy and lacks confidence. She works in a restaurant and her boss is Kang Sun Woo, the head chef, whom she has a crush on. Her timid personality and shy nature ends her in many goof ups for which she gets reprimanded every now and then. 

Among all this, Na Bong Sun also holds a secret about herself. She can see ghosts. This ability gets her in trouble when she is possessed by the ghost Shin Sun Ae who died a virgin. Sun Ae believes that she is unable to goto the afterworld as she was single when she was alive.

She possesses Bong Sun with a wish to seduce her chef boss.

Oh My Ghost
Cast: Kim Seul Gi. Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Suk

It is one of the best romantic kdramas on Netflix which showcases Park Bo Young’s exemplary acting skills.


Genre: Romance

Cute love story which happens in a radio Station

Kim So Hyun plays the character of Song Geu Rim who works as an assistant writer in a radio station. Geu Rim aspires to become the main writer someday. Trouble begins when her radio show is on the verge of getting cancelled.

When her director gives only one option which can save her show, she doesn’t think twice. The option is to cast the famous actor Ji Soo Ho as an anchor.

Radio Romance
Cast: Kim So Hyun, Yoon Do Joon

A perfect series to watch over with a warm cup of coffee.


Genre: Romance, Suspense

Must watch this rom-com

Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of Ainsoft has been getting threats  and hence needs someone by his side to protect him. He hires Do Bong Soon as his personal bodyguard. The reason being her superhuman strength.

Do Bong Soon’s superhuman strength has been passed on in her mother’s family from generations. But she likes to present herself as a delicate girl as she has a crush on In Guk Doo, a police officer.

Do Bong Soon has a dream of developing a video game and she is encouraged by Min Hyuk. She is also guided and trained by him to control her strength. With Min Hyuk becoming a part of her life in so many ways, her feelings towards her crush starts wavering.

Cast: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, Ji Soo

Watching a small petite girl, punch several people together with her super-human strength makes this show so interesting.


Genre: Romance, Suspense

Cute and Romantic Kdramas on Netflix

Eun Bong Hee starts working as a trainee under prosecutor Noh Ji Wook. He pesters her with loads of work and keeps pointing out flaws in her work. 

One evening, Ji Wook gets a call from Bong Hee from a police station. When he reaches there, he finds that she has been caught as a suspect of murdering a man.

She pleads herself innocent and asks him to help her in the case. Various incidents that follow after, clearly show that Bong Hee is being framed for the crime. To help her out and catch the real criminal, Ji Wook forms a team of his own.

The relationship between Bong Hee and Ji Wook enters a new phase as their journey to catch the villain continues.

Suspicious Partner
Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun

Apart from the knowing fact about the main leads’ acting skills, you should watch for the impressive job done by the antagonist in this series. He is a bundle of surprise I must say.

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Genre: Romance

Loosely based on Cruel Intentions

Kwon Shi Hyun, Choi So Ji and Lee Se Joo belong to rich families and are good friends. Shu Hyun enters a bet with So Ji to seduce Eun Tae Hee, a student in their own college. 

Shi Hyun accepts the challenge and pursues Tae Hee for winning the bet. But as he comes to know more of her personality, he couldn’t help but fall for Tae Hee.

Cast: Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Kim Min Jae, Moon Ga Young

This series is loosely based on the famous novel ‘Les Liaisons dangereuses’ and the movie ‘Cruel Intentions’. Woo Do Hwan playing the character of Shi Hyun has done great justice to the character.


Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Sizzling Romantic Fantasy

The Water God Habaek is sent on Earth to find three stones before he is crowned as the king of the Water Kingdom. As Habaek descends on Earth he loses his powers. He takes the help of So-Ah in order to live here and help in his quest. So-Ah belongs to the family of humans which has served the Gods for generations. She is also destined to be his bride.

The Bride of Habaek
Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung

Liked this series in spite of the negative comments about it on social media. I would just say to my readers that rather than going with a biased judgement, watch it and then decide. 


Genre: Romance

Romance and Life Lessons in one

Kang Han Gyul is a famous song composer behind the hit Idol Boy-band ‘Crude Play’. Yoon So Rim is a high school girl who dreams of becoming a singer and is also a fan of Crude Play. 

They meet by chance and So Rim falls head over heels in love with Han Gyul. He on the other hand doesn’t see So Rim in that light as his heart has been shattered recently. However, he befriends her as she has a record of his latest unreleased song. He lies to her about his identity and successfully retrieves the song from her.

As fate plays its role So Rim and her crew members are hired by a music agency as trainees. This is the same agency which manages Crude Play. By the time Han-Gyul comes to know about it her band has another songwriter and mento.

The Liar and His Lover
Cast: Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, Lee Seo Won, Song Kang

It is such a good plot that words fail me to describe the emotions which were all over my heart and mind after I finished this series. It is one of the most underrated romantic kdramas on Netflix.


Genre: Romance, Horror

A pinch of Horror a dollop of romance

Tae Gong Shil lives a stressful life. She is not only poor but also her ability to see the ghosts does not leave her to live a peaceful life.

Joo Joong Won on the other hand is the owner of a huge company who does not believe in ghosts. On a stormy night, they meet each other and their fates get interlinked.

Gong Shil realises that she is able to live without seeing ghosts when Joong Won is beside her. Does it help in improving their relationship or is it for worse.

The Master’s Sun
Cast: So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk

It has dollops of mystery and pinch of horror. Adding to that, the handsome Jo Ji Sub will make the hearts of many girls flutter.

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Genre: Rom-Com

Series involving face blindness

Do Min Ik works at the top tier of management in a telecom company. He develops a case of face blindness due to some health complications. It is then that he turns towards his hard working secretary Gal Hee for assistance.

Due to a misunderstanding Gal Hee ends up impersonating her previous employer Veronica Park, who meets Do Min Ik. He assumes Gal Hee as Veronica due to the face blindness. Slowly he falls in love with her as he thinks of her to have a warm personality.

Circumstances force Gal Hee to lead a dual life- a life of secretary and a secret life of becoming Veronica Park…until one fine day the real Veronica catches her red-handed.

The Secret Life of My Secretary
Cast: Kim Young Kwang, Jin Ki Joo, Kim Jae Kyung

The series was more known for the character Veronica Park. The main leads are the rising stars in Korean entertainment world. The whole series is pleasant and moves on a good pace.


Genre: Rom-Com

Great chemistry between the main leads

Oh Yeon Soo is a famous actress who joins a law firm as a secretary to Kwon Jung Rok for gsining experience for her upcoming role.

She has a past which she isnt proud of and is slowly catching up to ruin her present. Amidst all she has to deal with her feelings towards her lawyer boss.

Touch Your Heart
Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na

It is a simple and sweet series. Those viewers looking for a series to calm their nerves after watching any other series which has left them in pieces can surely go for this one.

A word of advice though… Do not enter the series with high expectations just because the leads are top-notch. Their acting is good without a doubt. But the plot and story-line itself is simple so they had nothing much to do.


Genre: Rom-Com

Amazing romantic Kdramas on Netflix

Lee Young Joon, a charismatic, intelligent but self centred person is the Vice Chairman of a major corporation. His world turns upside down when Kim Mi So, his secretary for nine years, announces to resign from her post.

He tries all the ways possible to manipulate her decision. In the process, both come face to face with their real feelings towards each other.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
Cast: Park Min Young, Park Seo Joon

If you have been watching korean dramas for a while you will definitely know about Park Min Young. I chose this romantic kdrama on Netflix for her to begin with.

The protagonists make a lovely pair and the drama is having all the rightful ingredients to make it lively and interesting. Do watch the series!


Genre: Rom-Com

Gender Bender Rom Com

Ko Mi Nam and Ko Mi Nyeo (Park Shin Hye) are twins who have grown up in an orphanage. Ko Mi Nam is selected as a member of boyband A.N.JELL whereas Ko Mi Nyeo is training to be a nun. 

One fine day, Ko Mi Nam’s manager comes searching for Ko Min Nyeo and urges her to take her brother’s place in the boy band. Reason being that her brother has gone overseas to rectify his plastic surgery.

Ko Mi Nyeo succumbs to the pressure and takes the identity of her brother. The boy band consists of three other members: Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and the Jeremy.

Cast: Park Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Gi

Though this romantic kdramas on Netflix was actually released in 2009, it still is well remembered by the kdrama fans.

Though compared to the current dramas- the fashion, the acting may seem loud one cannot deny the charm of all the leads as well as the songs of this drama.

The plot is full of tropes of kdramaland but nonetheless, if you walk into it with a light heart, you will enjoy the drama

However, the OSTs are some of the best ones to date.

So this was the list of 30 Romantic Kdramas on Netflix which I have watched and enjoyed. Hope you all have a great time watching them too. 

Romantic K Dramas on Netflix

If you have watched any of these, do let me know in the comments below. Do share if you have some other romantic kdramas on Netflix to recommend.

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