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Today I am participating in a Blogchain initiated by ‘Blogchatter’ where 55 authors of BlogchatterEbookCarnival have come together for a relay of posts. After every 10 minutes, there is a post going live as we pass the baton from one author’s blog to another. 

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Ebook 1: I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Priyanka whose ebook ‘How I wrote my Comic Book: The Journey’ is also a part of the mix.

About Priyanka’s ebook: This book illustrates Priyanka’s journey of writing her first comic book – ‘Samaira and the Gang in London.’ It showcases the highs and lows of a first time Author.



: And Now Something About Me :

fourth of november,twenty nineteen

This year brought a big wave of events in my life. I turned a new leaf and took part in one of the best blogging challenges. Next big opportunity knocked at my door and I accepted it to reach a new level in my life by publishing my first ebook through Blogchatter.

You can download my free ebook, here – The Life LivedBookMock2

The BlogchatterEbookCarnival was nothing less than a Wonderland for me. There were so many things which I had never heard about or had never paid so much importance to as a Reader and Blogger. But the world of books started looking so much different from the eyes of an Author. Every day I learned something new.

The carnival brought me closer to several other authors who participated along with me. Some of them were newbies like me whereas others were experienced. It was an interesting mix. So many strangers came together on a common platform supporting and cheering each other. It was quite overwhelming.

There were so many activities lined up by Blogchatter, for the authors, which helped them to go beyond the boundaries of just writing the book. Activities like – Making a Book Teaser, Dramatic Reading, Snippet post, Hurray Badges were successfully performed during this carnival. Although it was a busy schedule during the carnival, it was exhilarating.

Many at times I found myself in a spot as I didn’t understand or know most of the stuff discussed during the carnival, as it was my first time. But as I read other participants’ thoughts, exchanged information and tried out things by myself, it slowly started seeping in which made me realize my potential. Now, I felt rejuvenated. My confidence boosted up. I became more focused towards what I wanted to achieve. My personality opened up bit by bit as I started sharing my opinions or clarifying doubts with others. The learning spark was ignited within me which motivated me to explore the path of being an author; practice new ways and define new goals for the future.

The journey of becoming an author of a new shiny ebook was so adventurous. My whole perspective towards the books changed, as I went on the other side of the table. As a reader, I always read a finished product but couldn’t experience the thrill of creating it. As an Author, I could make that happen. The feeling of satisfaction when you create something which you had never ever dreamt of… is pure bliss.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention the variety of writing styles that I came across while reading ebooks of my fellow authors in this Carnival. It was a vast array of brilliant work which mesmerized me. The exemplary creativity found in these books just left me speechless. 

Truth be told, I can definitely say that I feel different after participating in this event.

.I Have Found Myself.

Ebook 2:   I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Reema whose ebook ‘Peiskos’ is also part of the mix.

About Reema’s ebook: Peiskos is the feeling one gets when sitting in front of a fireplace enjoying its warmth. We remember pieces of life that seem ordinary but often bring along a sense of warmth. Here are 26 such pieces woven into stories around rare and beautiful words.



Do check out the posts of my awesome fellow authors from the links given in the post.

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