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Here I am today with a very quick post. As you have understood from the title of this post, I am going to talk about the challenge mentioned above.

Yes, I have signed in for A-Z challenge which is to be held in the month of April 2018. I need to make 26 posts throughout April with every post on a topic which has or starts with an alphabet.

It is a challenge… definitely, and it took a lot of courage for me to dive into this pool. It is the first time for me to indulge myself in such a hectic schedule but still, I took it.

In general, when one is asked the reason to take up such challenges, the most common replies are… to explore my own capabilities, challenge my limits, explore other blogs, and make more friends in the blogosphere. These reasons stand true for me as well but along with this, there is another… I want to change something about myself.

I am getting a little tired of a part of my personality which loves to contemplate before doing anything. This piece in my personality has slowly grown into a giant which has started making me extremely cautious and too hesitant… so much so, that it has started blocking my passage from enjoying and experimenting something new. (You will not believe, because of this trait, how many times I have typed and deleted this paragraph. My cautious part which has taken extreme mode is continuously making me think and rethink whether to write this or not. )

I hadn’t realized that this had become a problem until last Sunday, when my daughter said to me, “Mom, you are not fun anymore!”  I was a little taken aback by her statement and out of curiosity asked her why she thought so? “Because you think too much… so much so that by the time you make a decision the moment passes away”, she replied.

I was speechless. How much ever I tried to deny or find an excuse against her statement, that it wasn’t true and she misunderstood… I couldn’t do so. The small voice inside me said softly “You know that she is right.” I had become a block, a hindrance to my own self. I wasn’t playful as I used to be with my children; I had curtailed my adventurous spirit.

Not only this, I started remembering many moments when I wanted to write a post on my blog, but didn’t… when I wanted to really comment on another’s blog post which I liked, but didn’t… when I wanted to tweet my opinions, but didn’t… when I wanted to share my thoughts, but wouldn’t… And remembering all that, made me realize that it was high time.

Sometimes we need to just go for it. Being cautious is good, thinking twice is good, but not to the point that it starts strangling your own self.

As if, the cosmos was waiting for me to make a choice… within a day of my resolution, I came across a post about A-Z challenge. Had I been my old self, I would have thought hundreds of times before becoming a part of it… but here I am, trying to take a step up. Through the help of this challenge, I want to write what I feel, I want to speak what comes in my mind, I want to comment, compliment, and share my opinions with others as they flow into my mind… without any hesitation, without any second thoughts (okay maybe second thoughts but not… third fourth, tenth, twentieth).

Yes, I know it was never my cup of tea, but this one time I want to sip from this cup. I might survive this challenge or maybe not… but, I truly want to know what it is to be a part of the flow, what it is to be not hesitant anymore. And with this determination, I want to begin my new journey.


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theorangutanlibrarian · March 19, 2018 at 5:51 am

I think this is a very positive attitude to have 😀

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