…and He Said Yes On That Blind Date

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The Thought Behind The Story

When I came to know about Lufthansa’s campaign of ‘#BlindList – a Blind date with the world’ through IndiBlogger, I decided to give it a chance. A thought came in my mind as I prepared myself for the contest. It was more like a question on Lufthansa’s hashtag #SayYesToTheWorld. I started thinking that as Lufthansa encourages people to accept the world… what if, there was someone who had encouraged Lufthansa to do so in the first place. Searching a little further I came across this-

       Lufthansa Logo

Looking at the logo and pondering over the question I had, gave me a wonderful idea which turned into a story that I present before you. Without disclosing much I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂


The Story:

…and He Said Yes On That Blind Date


Walking for half an hour into the woods, I turned to my left towards the stream. A few minutes later, I was in front of my destination. After checking that there was no one around, I went inside the cave hidden behind the boulder.

‘How are you today?’ I struck the conversation as soon as I reached him. Silence greeted me. Overlooking it, I continued to make small talk as I inspected his leg where the wound was.

‘Oh Good! You have healed completely. You are fit to go.’ I told him as I closed my medical kit.

Looking at me with those sad blue eyes, he spoke just one word, ‘Where?’

I realised my mistake then. Seven days ago when I had found him in these same woods, he was physically wounded and emotionally broken. After two days of taking care of him, he had narrated his story in bits and pieces. He had lost everything. His world was destroyed and he had nowhere to go.

Rectifying my mistake I quickly responded, ‘To… To go where I take you.’

Though he kept quiet, I saw the expressions in his eyes change. He wanted to know more.

Standing up I said, ‘I will come in the afternoon. Meet me outside, near the stream. Be alert.’

He stood along with me, ‘Where are you going to take me?’

‘I… I am going to take you on a blind date to meet the world. My World.’ I said excitedly as the idea started taking shape in my mind.

For the first time, I could feel, he was slightly amused. My confidence grew. So, I said to him in a challenging tone, ‘You better be ready for this blind date because by the time it is over, I am sure that you would have fallen madly in love with my world. You are surely going to #SayYesToTheWorld.’

A sad smile crept on his face. I wanted him to start afresh and he understood that. I was really working hard for him to accept this new life. Maybe that is why he agreed to meet me at the decided time.

As I moved towards the entrance, I turned and asked, ‘By the way, how fast can you fly?’ The question took him by surprise. I assumed that nobody had asked him such a question ever. He spread out his wings proudly and replied, ‘As fast as you can blink.’


He was there when I reached the spot later that day. ‘So what is your plan? How are we going to meet your world on this Blind date?’ he asked me as soon as I approached him. 

#TheBlindList will help us.’ I replied waving the phone in my hand. I went on explaining, ‘It is a list of places which I haven’t planned for; places which I have no clue about; places which I would still like to visit’ 

He was unable to grasp what I was saying and so I continued. I saw random photographs of some places and selected a few on an impulse. Immediately I decided to visit them along with you. Those are our venues for the Blind date. Trust me, you will love those places.’ I said smilingly.

With an astonished look he said, ‘So, you are saying that we both are going on a blind date… just carrying #TheBlindList, where you have no idea of the places… and by the end of which I am going to fall in love and #SayYesToTheWorld. Your world!

I nodded eagerly. That was the longest he had spoken with me. He was totally blown off by this idea. The idea was having the effect which I desired. The sadness inside him was receding. I wanted him to accept my world and I was determined to make it happen. Yes, the plan was unbelievable, but at the same time, it was exhilarating.

‘So, shall we start our date, I mean the Blind date?’ I said in a teasing tone. ‘I will show you the photograph and you take us there.’ Giving him no chance to back off, I immediately added, ‘You had said that you could do such a thing on the other day when I visited you!’

He laughed, ‘I know that there is no escape from this now. Show me the photographs.’

I showed him the first one and he asked me to hold him tight. With my next breath, we were there.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Antelope Canyon                                               Courtesy: Your Hike Guide

The look on his face as we landed in the Antelope Canyon was priceless. We stood there looking at the beautiful wonder around us. We walked around in those zigzag passages between the walls of the canyon, admiring this canvas of nature. The various shades of stones in this canyon were so alluring. Touching the walls of the canyons like a child we explored various nooks and corners of the canyon for some time. The sky from the uneven openings looked so different and gorgeous. 

After a while, I asked him to fly us to another place. Soon we were there.

Rainbow river in Colombia
Rainbow River                                               Courtesy: Business Insider

The Rainbow River was such a vivid contrast to the Canyons which we had just visited. We flew over the river admiring the ever-changing colours of the waters. The fresh air and the beauty of this unique river refreshed us. Skimming the waters with my hand I felt rejuvenated. We were so taken in by this splendid array of colours that spending an hour also was not enough for us.

But the journey had to be continued and that brought us to our next destination – Algar de Benagil.

Algar de Benagil cave in Portugal
Algar de Benagil                                                           Courtesy: Pinterest

The whole area was breath-taking. The rhythmic lapping sound of the waves was soothing. Enjoying the peaceful silence, we just sat there on the beach for a long time. The sunrays from above painted the cave in different colours. Figuring out the shapes lurking on the walls of this cave, we walked on the sandy beach as the sea waves came chasing in to make our feet wet. The sun had started to set. And we had still many places to go before the nightfall. 

As we flew towards the next destination, I saw a beautiful scene below, near the seacoast…

Oia Village in Greece during the sunset
Oia Village                                        Courtesy: Private Santorini Tours

The rays of the setting sun had sheathed this village situated on the coastline, in a golden glow. The sight was beautiful to behold. The lights twinkling from within the houses enhanced the effect. At that time these pristine white houses with blue thatched roofs appeared to be a part of some Fairy realm. A sigh escaped from his lips watching this beautiful village. The place had turned truly enchanting. We hovered over this small beautiful village for sometime before flying off further.

Flying for a few minutes, we came to our next destination.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey
Pamukkale Thermal Pools                                              Courtesy: Google

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the hot springs of Pamukkale. The white structures holding the blue thermal pools were something which he had never seen in his life. In the evening light, the place had become ethereal. The beauty of the place was beyond words. The whole place had many pools arranged in the form of giant steps.

As we sat at the edge of one of the hot springs, soaking our feet, I asked him what he thought about all the places he had seen till now. He smiled and said that they were beyond his expectations and he was interested to see the rest. The idea of the blind date was proving to be successful. I was glad that #TheBlindList was proving fruitful till now.

Our last place in #TheBlindList was towards the north. The magnificent peak of Matterhorn greeted us in our path as we flew. 

Mount Matterhorn, Switzerland
Matterhorn                                                                    Courtesy: Pinterest

This tall and mighty peak was dazzling in the sunset. The peak of Matterhorn had completely turned orange as the sun cast its last rays on it. The lone mountain looked marvellous as its shadow fell on the nearby lake. The beauty of this peak gripped us and we ended up spending some time on the peak. When it became too cold to bear, we flew further.

We were approaching the last venue on #TheBlindList. Softly landing near the waterfall in Seljalandsfoss, I noticed that it was almost dusk. I quickly took him behind the waterfall to show the stunning view.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall                                Courtesy: One Big Photo

We stood quietly behind the veil of waterfall admiring the beauty in front of our eyes. I watched him as he stood there… speechless.  I could see the transformation within him. He looked more relaxed and his eyes had a glimmer of hope. The beauty of this world was slowly captivating him. This blind date had brought him closer to the world.

The night had fallen. We walked to a nearby hillock near the waterfall and sat there. Except for the gurgling sound of the waterfall, it was quiet all around.

‘You know..’ I said breaking him from his reverie. ‘There is so much more in this world than what we have seen today. There is so much beauty in this world than one can imagine. And this beauty is just not limited to the land but you will also find it in the people living in this world –  in their culture, in their food. Everything is unique in itself in this world yet everything is a part of this world.’ 

‘Why don’t you embrace this world as yours and say Yes to it?’ I asked him.

He remained silent as he smiled. Taking it as a positive sign I left him to his own thoughts. It was half an hour before anyone of us spoke. I caught him looking at me. He asked me what was I waiting for and was there more to this Blind date. Smiling at him, I quietly pointed him toward the sky.

Northern Lights at Seljalandsfoss
Northern Lights at Seljalandsfoss               Courtesy: Guide to Iceland

The Northern Lights had appeared. This fascinating phenomenon had always enthralled me even in the photographs. It was a dream come true to see them in real. The effect was not lost on him either. He was mesmerised and couldn’t take off his eyes from the sky.

And with this our Blind Date came to an end. When I looked at him, I saw tears glistening his face. I could understand the feelings churning inside him at that moment. Taking his hand in mine, I gently smiled. He looked at me. Then and there he confessed that he had never seen a world more beautiful than this and he had utterly and completely fallen in love with it. I was extremely delighted to see him happy at last. 

‘Would you like to explore more of this world, Lufthansa? Would you be ready to go on a blind date with the world every day?’ I asked him as we prepared to return.

Flaring his wings under the Aurora, he smiled happily and said, ‘Yes’.

With #TheBlindList (s) to explore the world, he was ready to #SayYesToTheWorld and begin a new chapter in his life.

Featured Image of an Angel under the Aurora

#TheBlindList                                                                           #SayYesToTheWorld

This post has been written for the #TheBlindList contest held by Lufthansa Airlines. For more information visit here



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    1. M really touched by your appreciation. This is the first time when I am participating in a contest but more than that it is the first time when I have made a fictional tale by myself. So I was pretty nervous. But your words have strengthened my confidence. Thank you for liking it.

      1. Oh Preeti, so sweet of you. Believe me, I liked it very much. Please do write more.
        Target your book now and I will be happy to review it 🌸😊

      2. Hello Preeti, I did write a response here and posted but it’s not seen here. I was telling that I really liked your story and would urge you to expand your talent and write a book. I will be most pleased to write a review on it 👍😊

      3. Hello Preeti, I tried to post comments twice but didn’t get uploaded.
        I just want to reiterate that I really liked your story. You have really good talent and please consider writing a book. I will be most happy to write a review on it 🌸😊👍

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          1. I got it. That’s fine
            We now have work to do. Just start on your book. I know you have the story in your mind. Start writing it. I will be there with all the support on the way

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