Jisha Rajesh is a one of the most promising author of the TBC team. With her latest novel ‘Mirage’, she has declared loud and clear that her passion for writing is insatiable. Meet her today in ‘Rewind #IndieTBC 2018’.

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Brief Intro

Jisha Rajesh is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. She is an avid reader while music and cooking are her other hobbies. After completing her post-graduation in medicine, she is taking the time to follow her passion for writing. She has published short stories in literary journals like Muse India, Indus Woman Writings, Contemporary Literary Journal of India, and the online story portal StoryMirror. Jisha published her first novel – ‘We Shall Meet Again’ in the year 2016 (mybook.to/wsma). She dreams of spreading the message of humanity, compassion and universal brotherhood through her stories. Currently she lives in the beautiful city of Dubai with her family.

Jisha Rajesh

Her Published Work

Jisha Rajesh embarked on her journey as an author in 2016 with her first novel.


Book Cover of We Shall Meet Again by Jisha Rajesh

While going through a tough time in life Sanjana tries to find solace in the memories of her childhood sweetheart Akshay. She bumps into him one day, after a long interlude of time, only to discover that he is a married man now. Rendered heart-broken, she decides to step out of his life forever. But fate makes them cross each other’s way time and again till she discovers the tears behind his smile.

Achievements of 2018

Jisha Rajesh gave her readers two novels this year. Her first novel for 2018 was published in October 2018


Book Cover of The Relics by Jisha Rajesh


A freak accident leads two old flames to bump into each other; years after a cruel twist of destiny had forced them to get separated. Though they acknowledge furtively that they are still madly in love with each other. But are in a dilemma to confess it openly as they are entangled in the cobwebs life has been weaving around them all these years. Will their love crumble under the pressure of circumstances, making them walk away like strangers or will they fight for a life together?


She brought out her second novel in the month of November, 2018.


Book Cover of Mirage by Jisha Rajesh


A forced marriage binds Nikita to the suave and handsome business tycoon Aniket forever. Though she worshiped him for his charming demeanor and benevolent nature, she couldn’t make herself fall in love with him no matter how hard she has tried. During one of her visits to her hometown, she bumps into her old – flame Sidhant. While going through the nostalgic pangs of a long lost love, she accidentally stumbles upon something that makes her shudder and threatens to destroy her happy married life. She unearths facts that are accurate beyond doubt but accuse Aniket of being a cold-blooded murderer. Nikita is caught in a whirlwind of an enigma as she sets out in search of the truth that is hidden somewhere within the MIRAGE!

The review by Sappy’s World does tell me that it is an interesting read. Here is a small snippet of the review.

When I sat down to read this book, what I expected was a love story of a young girl waiting for her cousin’s wedding and later on confessing about her lover to her uncle, who her caretaker since the day when Nikki lost her parents.  But what this book offered was an entirely different thing.

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Jisha Rajesh is slowly but steadily captivating hearts of her readers with her writing. She has come to this Author-world to stay and give us stories which are going to stay with the readers, for a long-long time.


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