Today we meet Ruchira Khanna under ‘Rewind #IndieTBC 2018’. She is fondly called as the philosopher by her Author Team in TBC.

Ruchira Khanna

Brief Intro:

Ruchira Khanna, a biochemist turned writer, left her homeland of India to study in America, where she obtained her Master’s degree in Biochemistry from SJSU and a degree in Technical Writing from UC Berkeley.

After finishing her studies, Ruchira worked as a biochemist at a Silicon Valley startup for five years. After the birth of her son, Ruchira took a job as a technical writer, so that she could work from home. Soon, she began doing freelance writing work as well.

Her love of writing grew and she started working on her own books. After four years of freelancing, Ruchira published her first book, a fiction novel for adults called Choices.

Then came the children’s book The Adventures of Alex and Angelo: The Mystery of the Missing Iguana. She got a thumb’s up review from Kirkus Reviews.

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In January 2016, she has published her second fictional novel Voyagers into the Unknown. It talks about the quest for happiness as the heavy-hearted tourists travel miles from different parts of the world to Raj Touristry in Agra, India. Return to their respective home with a healed heart. This book talks about their journey!

In Breathing Two Worlds, Ruchira talks about ethnicity and cultures, and helps to strike a balance via a fiction-drama novel as her characters breathe two worlds.

In addition to writing books, she also maintains an inspirational blog of daily mantras on Blogspot, called Abracabadra. Ruchira currently resides in California with her family.

Accomplishments In 2018:

On August 7 of 2018, Ruchira published her novel RSVP. The book explores the lines between reality and illusion and significance of family.

Take a look –

RSVP by Ruchira Khanna


Jay Sethi, an Indian-born American, has lived with the consequences of a torn family since a teenager. After facing the effects of unrequited love and unpaid credit card bills, he settles in a small town in California from where he embarks on a cruise with his canine best friend, Yogi. He is shipwrecked and washed ashore on an island that would be nothing short of fantasy to others. There he realizes the impact of love and a lack of attachment, and through the work of a local, he is given the opportunity to visit his past. 
Will Jay be able to relieve his hiccup of years? Will the broken bridges and the seemingly permanent goodbyes remain that way?


The book by Ruchira Khanna has been well received by the readers and this is what one of them have raved about –

Vivek Sarin rated it – 5 Stars

A very unique plot that unravels effortlessly into a series of uncanny developments keeps one hooked.
The characters are very relatable and one can almost empathise with the swing of emotions as storyline unfolds. Ruchira has managed to succinctly unpack the life of a beleaguered family that finds itself tossed from one calamity to another while retaining the focus on the protagonist, Jay, as he copes and overcomes a series of misfortunes with the aid of unlikely bedfellows and emerges stronger and calmer than before. Overall, the book has a very pleasant narrative that keeps the reader engaged and in constant anticipation of what the following pages would unfold. Hat’s off to the author!

Her Published Work:

Ruchira Khanna’s previous books do need a mention as her work has been appreciated by many.


Book Cover of Choices by Ruchira Khanna

Leonardo is a young man who is standing on a crossroad of life, facing choices. One road leads to a high stress career that brings in big bucks; the other is a chance to make a real difference in lives of others. He has a few questions, questions that all of us have faced when facing choices that can change our lives. Does fate make a man, or do his desires? Do ambitions and desires actually lead a person to true happiness and fulfilment, or does providence and life changing events actually show a person the true path to follow?


Book Cover of Adventures of Alex and Angela by Ruchira Khanna

Alex and his pet chimpanzee Angelo are the young detectives of their neighborhood. When a friend’s pet Iguana goes missing, Alex and Angelo immediately take on the case, and the sneaky reptilian leads them on an exciting chase. How will Alex and Angelo use their sleuthing skills to solve this mystery?


Book Cover of Voyagers into the Unknown by Ruchira Khanna

In the historic Indian town of Agra, you can find a very unusual tour company, which is owned by a charming young man named Raj. Although Raj’s official job is to show off the historical landmarks of Agra, including the legendary Taj-Mahal, his true mission is to heal the souls of his broken “birds,” as he affectionately refers to his tour participants. His business operates purely upon word-of-mouth referrals, ensuring that all of his tour members arrive in Agra with their hearts in their hands, ready for the spiritual growth and cleansing that Raj is known to provide.

Healing the hearts of the spiritually damaged can be a difficult job, and in this particular tale, Raj finds himself faced with his most challenging tour group yet. First, there is Ira, a stunningly gorgeous but fragile young woman on the brink of suicide. Next, we meet Darci and Lennard, a couple on the verge of divorce. Then there is Carl, an irritable, antisocial workaholic who has burned all of his bridges. Lastly, we meet Asha, an elderly widow who still yearns for the company and comfort of her late husband.

Disaster strikes the tour group and everything is thrown into jeopardy, including lives, relationships, and Raj’s very reputation as a tour guide. Raj must find a way to lift the spirits of these five special travelers, even in the face of death and despair. Venture into the unknown and discover how Raj Touristry heals the brokenhearted, one soul at a time.


Book Cover of Breathing Two Worlds by Ruchira Khanna

Neena Arya, a Delhi-born goes abroad for further studies and decides to settle down there. Determined to be a ‘somebody’ from a ‘nobody’ she blends with the Americans via the accent and their mannerisms. She also has a live-in relationship with her European boyfriend, Adan Somoza.

When illness hits home, Neena rushes to meet her ailing dad. Tragedy strikes and amidst the mingling with relatives and friends, she finds herself suffocated with the two different cultures that she has been breathing since she moved to the United States. How will she strike a balance between both the cultures as she continues to support her widowed mother? Will she be able to do justice to her personal and professional life after the loss?

Amidst the adjusting she bonds with an ally and learns about ties beyond blood. On what grounds will she be able to form an invisible thread that she has longed for since childhood?

‘Breathing Two Worlds’ ventures into cultures and ethnicity allowing Neena to ponder upon her foundation and priorities.


All in all I can say that, Ruchira Khanna is one talented writer who is hard to ignore.

So, which one of these books caught your fancy. Do let me know in the comment section below.


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