Hi lovely readers,

It’s been ten days since my last post. Took my first ‘Blog Break’, after I started my blog.

Though it had just been over a month for my blog, and I was no where near of getting burnt out – stillI felt great after taking the break. I relaxed, ate, enjoyed with my family, went for short trips and sometimes – Just Did Nothing…

doing nothing

Trust me, it was so refreshing and energizing!!!

Oh yes! and I learned to do one more thing – I learned to soak myself in rain. I think Drenching will be more apt 😉

I have relocated, a few months back, to a coastal city. Before, I used to live in a cozy city with moderate climate, where sun used to shine and rains used to be for a short period. That is why, ‘soaking in the rain‘ is a huge achievement for me.

A very big step for a person, who just loved to sip her coffee and look out of the window when it used to rain…

rain from the window.gif


Monsoons have come to our city and are in full swing – pouring every single day. During this Blog-break period, I decided  to do something which I haven’t done… ever!! So, whenever it used to rain [which was almost, all the time], I used to gather my courage and demolish my wall of fear.

I used to step outside the house and get wet- consciously and knowingly.

wet in rain.gif

I can only say….. IT. WAS. FUN. !!!

such fun.gif

I came to an understanding that these breaks are as essential to me, as my passion for reading and writing. They are launching pads; boosters; refuellers to my Creativity Tank.

And I think my fellow bloggers and readers will agree with me!!!

Do you think breaks from blogging are necessary?

What do you do when you take breaks?

Have you ever taken a break and done or learnt something which you haven’t done ever before?

Allow me to know about your opinions by leaving your comments below.

Until next post,


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