Burn, Rewrite or Reread Tag was originally created by Lauren Ann. It is really a fun tag to do!! The person picks up 3 names of random books from a jar. Among those books picked, one has to decide which will he burn, rewrite or reread.

I loved this tag because of the complexities in choices, which the reader has to go through, if the books picked are all his favorites. I chose to do this Tag with Book-series, but it can be done with stand-alones as well.

So let’s get started. To choose fairly, I divided the tag in two levels. First level, I put names of ten book series, which I had read, in a jar. I picked five random series from there. In the second level, I wrote and placed the names of all the installment books of those chosen series in five different jars. Now, I will choose one book series per round and on the basis of names picked by me, from the jar, I will decide which installment book to burn, rewrite or reread!!!

Ah! It’s going to be very-very difficult. Especially if you love the series totally 🙂 . I will be writing and conducting the whole activity side by side. I don’t want to miss out any thoughts flooding my mind at the moment of choosing, so I am penning them down immediately…

So here it goes [taking a deep breath]

Round -1:- The Twilight Series– The names picked are

BREAKING DAWN Breaking_Dawn 

TWILIGHT Twilight 

NEW MOON newmoon

Among these, I think, I’ll burn NEW MOON. The book was very slow paced for me and the male lead was not present in most part of the book. So, I was unable to enjoy it fully.

I’ll rewrite TWILIGHT, as I do not have any choice between the remaining two. I loved BREAKING DAWN and it is a reread for me. Hence, Twilight needs to be rewritten.

Round -2:- The Selection Series– The names of the random books are

THE ELITE The Elite 

THE SELECTION The Selection 

THE HEIR  the heir

This one is easy, in comparison to the first round.

I’ll definitely burn THE ELITE without thinking twice. Don’t ask me why. Still if you are curious, you all can very well read my Review on that book here. Least I can say is that my friends avoid mentioning this book’s name in front of me 😉

I’ll ask the author to rewrite THE SELECTION. The book needs an overhauling in terms with the whole plot and development of characters.

And since now there is only one left, I’ll reread THE HEIR.

Round -3:- The Inheritance Series– The names of books I picked are-

BRISINGR brisingr 

INHERITANCE inheritance 

ELDEST eldest

Oh God!!! I love this series. This is among the first ones which made me addicted to Series reading. Each installment was beautiful and absolute. To choose among them is next to impossible.  Ah! It’s going to be so so so tough to choose. [Biting my nails!!!]

Let me do this in the reverse order then. I will choose the one which is closest to my heart.

Among these three chosen installments, I loved BRISINGR the most. It is not that I didn’t like others. Actually all the books were unique. But, I totally loved BRISINGR… from its cover page to its title till the end of the story. I just couldn’t stop reading it. I had reread it then also… I would gladly do it now.

Now comes the hardest part… which one to choose for burning??? Oh… This is becoming crazier by every second. I am holding both the remaining names in my hands, but I am just unable to decide…

Ah! But one has to be burned… With heavy heart, I choose ELDEST to be burned… Don’t ask me why because there is no reason to it.

So now, I have INHERITANCE which is left as the choice for rewriting. Though I am unhappy with the burning of ELDEST, I would have chosen INHERITANCE for rewriting anytime. Reason being, I was not satisfied with the ending of INHERITANCE. For me, it felt incomplete… I wanted much more than that. I wanted a proper closure which I felt was missing in this last book. There were so many possibilities for the ending to be much more interesting than what was given to us. So I would surely want it to be rewritten – but STRICTLY only the end part!

Round -4:- The Harry Potter Series.

THE GOBLET OF FIRE goblet of fire 

THE SORCERER’S STONE philosopher's stone 

THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE half blood prince

Omg!!! These rounds are going to make me go bonkers… by the time they are ended. I want to whack my hand with other one. [Me talking to my hand– Couldn’t you pick anything else… Why, why did you do this to me? You are a part of me, but still you betrayed me!!]

Now, I need to choose among these three. I am so confused!!! Okay, let me pick the one to be reread first.

I’ll reread THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE because this book was the one which opened the doors to the great magical world of Harry Potter. Though it is the thinnest but it is indeed the loveliest of all the books. I still remember reveling in the magic of the book and turning the pages eagerly to find more… So, it is a must reread for me.

So, now I have two left… One to burn and another to rewrite. Hmmm… Tough situation, very tough. Both the remaining ones are very good. One is full of excitement and suspense; another is more about gathering the strings of the whole plot. Both have death at the end. The choice has to be made.

I’ll burn THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE as I couldn’t accept the death of Dumbledore.

I’ll choose THE GOBLET OF FIRE to rewrite as I felt that the death of the student in the end could have been avoided.

Round -5:- The Throne of Glass Series.

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT crown of midnight

 QUEEN OF SHADOWS queen of shadows 

THE THRONE OF GLASS Throne of glass

Noooooo!!! No!!!! How can I choose? How??? This is becoming insane.. [Sigh!] Nonetheless I have to choose and so I will.

I’ll reread QUEEN OF SHADOWS, because this book is just wow!!! The way the whole storyline and plot spreads keeping the interest and suspense intact is excellent. It is a definite reread.

I’ll burn CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. It was not a bad book at all. On the contrary, it is the one for which your heart will cry for. The emotions which this book brings out sometimes, are heart wrenching. I’ll burn it only because I couldn’t agree with the events which were taking place in the book… I kept on saying- No! No! Don’t do this.., time and again. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful book. But I am just being selfish here. Since it made me cry, I have to burn it.

And so it brings me to TTOG. I’ll choose THE THRONE OF GLASS for rewriting. This choice is just the end-product of the process of elimination, nothing more. I do not have any valid reasons for it, being rewritten. But I feel the author always has the scope of improvement and it can be applied on this book as well.

This tag was fun to do. Not only because of its sheer uniqueness but also because it makes you remember all those beautiful readings that you have done in the past. Though making choice is a difficult thing but it also brings a sense of clarity within you for liking the book too much or too little.

I hope you liked reading about my choices as much as I loved doing this tag. [Trust me, doing the activity and writing about it at the same time, maybe very time consuming but it surely is very exciting]

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and all my dear readers, who would like to do this tag.

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Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks · July 10, 2016 at 11:18 pm

I agree with you about The Selection, if I really liked the book, it could have been so much better in terms of plot and character development. But it was still a guilty pleasure for me to read! 🙂
And I would have done the same choices with Harry Potter. I mean, Dumbledore…this made me so sad.

luvtoread · July 4, 2016 at 9:47 pm

Agree with Crown of Midnight! I kept thinking certain scenes were faked and all would be made right in the end… 🙁 but nope

Let me know what you think of my post :)

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