The well-known romance writer of The Book Club – Dee James is under the spotlight for today. With her captivating writing style and amazing story-lines, she rules the hearts of her readers.


Brief Intro:

Dee James writes sweet, dreamy, romantic stories. Born and brought up in India, Dee James is software professional by day and a writer by night. Her books feature a heavy dose of the contemporary Indian scene, drama, angst, and love of course. If she isn’t spending time with her son, Dee James devours all things romance. She loves to read, write, sing, and cook. Apart from lipsticks and romance, coffee is her weakness!!

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Her Published Work:

On July 2017, Dee James brought out her first romance novel.


Book Cover of His Innocent Secretary by Dee James

The dashing CEO and his innocent secretary. An uncanny attraction, deep, longing kisses. Will he find out her secret? Will she be able to get away with her deception? Ashwin, a thirty-year old CEO, with a ruthless demeanor, falls for his petite, sinful-looking secretary. Is she as innocent as she looks? Or, is she hiding something from Ashwin? Will their love conquer over all the deceptions?

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Book Cover of Yours Truly by Dee James


Their story started when Rhea was five. Vikram was her Prince Charming; he held her, cherished her, and protected her. Until another woman came along. The other woman, betrayal, heart breaks, one passionate night…Will their love transcend all these hurdles? Will Rhea and Vikram find their happily ever after?


The review tells about the talent of spinning adorable tales of love, by this newbie author.

A simple love story of two best friends-turned-lovers, Vikram and Rhea. Or should I say, Vicky and Shorty 🙂 It was obvious to me, as a reader, what each was feeling but the two were so totally clueless, leading each other a merry chase. A nice light-heart read with a brisk pace and no dragging / melodramatic scenes.



All in all, Dee James has left quite an impression with her debut novels. Among the new indie authors she has made her mark with her simple alluring romance novels.

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