‘Anyone who says they have one life to live may not know how to read a book.’

I came across this quote by an unknown author, one fine day, a few years back… when I was searching for reasons of my unquenchable reading habit. I really liked this quote written by some unknown author (maybe myself in previous birth 🙂 )

The quote stands true for me at least. Being a daydreamer and brought up in a sheltered environment, by a closed knit family, in a small town… one doesn’t come across many activities to occupy oneself. The options reduce further when the person is… ME!!!

Why Me?? Because I am Super Level Day Dreamer, well renowned among my family and friends. So much so, that my friends used to think twice before including me in their team, afraid that I may start dreaming in the middle of the game. (Warning: physical activities and daydreaming together is hazardous 😛 ).

With such a talent in hand, I mostly ended up cooped up at home when my friends were busy sweating and rushing their adrenaline outdoors.

This was the time period when I came across my first love… Books. It was the beginning of a new academic session. Our librarian teacher allowed us to issue books and take them home. She encouraged us to read and discuss our likes and dislikes with her. Not only this, on the basis of our feedback, she used to suggest us books which we can read and enjoy. Maybe, it may not look extraordinary, but for a child who has nothing else to kill the boredom and is a daydreamer from start… it was nothing less than a boon.

Books became a part of me and I of theirs… Every story in them was my story. Every adventure was my own.

So, when I came across this quote, I felt as if it was written for me.

I got to live so many lives in one life and it’s still continuing to date…

I wanted to share my experiences of this world with many and what better means than creating my blog.

I hope my readers will like my reviews and provide me with honest feedback, which will help me to improve further.


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