Hola Friday Friends!!! Hope this First Friday of August has paved awesome plans for your weekend. August has arrived with a romantic season out here. The rains have slowed down and there is greenery everywhere. The cloudy weather with the soft breeze just makes a perfect day for a long drive. And that is what I am thinking of doing this weekend. A long drive with my family to the countryside. Small breaks for grabbing a cup of hot beverage and my favorite songs playing in the car will make this weekend splendid for me. What do you think? Should I go for it? How about you all? Any plans for this weekend? Would love to hear about your ideas. Maybe I can copy one or two from there 😉 😉 But before I go running off to pack my backpack for the weekend, let me introduce the awesome ‘New Releases’ that I am waiting to pounce upon this August. I think I have hit a Jackpot as four of my favorite authors’ books are coming out. I cannot tell you how excited I am. The happiness is too much to contain!!! The excitement is going to make me burst at the seams!!! I feel like a teenager who wants to jump up and down and keep shouting out with excitement. Maybe it might happen when I get my hands on these books that I have chosen.
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  So, without further delay, here I go –


If I don’t read this then I am no Fantasy Lover. On top of that, I just blindly grab any book which has TOLKIEN written over it. So, there is no doubt that I will miss this one.
Book Cover of The Fall of Gondolin by JRR Tolkien

The Fall of Gondolin by JRR Tolkien


In the Tale of The Fall of Gondolin are two of the greatest powers in the world. There is Morgoth of the uttermost evil, unseen in this story but ruling over a vast military power from his fortress of Angband. Deeply opposed to Morgoth is Ulmo, second in might only to Manwë, chief of the Valar: he is called the Lord of Waters, of all seas, lakes, and rivers under the sky. But he works in secret in Middle-earth to support the Noldor, the kindred of the Elves among whom were numbered Húrin and Túrin Turambar.

Central to this enmity of the gods is the city of Gondolin, beautiful but undiscoverable. It was built and peopled by Noldorin Elves who, when they dwelt in Valinor, the land of the gods, rebelled against their rule and fled to Middle-earth. Turgon King of Gondolin is hated and feared above all his enemies by Morgoth, who seeks in vain to discover the marvelously hidden city, while the gods in Valinor in a heated debate largely refuse to intervene in support of Ulmo’s desires and designs.

Into this world comes Tuor, cousin of Túrin, the instrument of Ulmo’s designs. Guided unseen by him Tuor sets out from the land of his birth on the fearful journey to Gondolin, and in one of the most arresting moments in the history of Middle-earth, the sea-god himself appears to him, rising out of the ocean in the midst of a storm. In Gondolin he becomes great; he is wedded to Idril, Turgon’s daughter and their son is Eärendel, whose birth and profound importance in days to come is foreseen by Ulmo.

At last, comes the terrible ending. Morgoth learns through an act of supreme treachery all that he needs to mount a devastating attack on the city, with Balrogs and dragons and numberless Orcs. After a minutely observed account of the fall of Gondolin, the tale ends with the escape of Túrin and Idril, with the child Eärendel, looking back from a cleft in the mountains as they flee southward, at the blazing wreckage of their city. They were journeying into a new story, the Tale of Eärendel, which Tolkien never wrote, but which is sketched out in this book from other sources.



I loved the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. (Read my review here). I like the way she can turn a retelling into something much more than a fairy tale and because of this very reason, I am determined to have this book.
Catwoman by Sarah J Mass

Catwoman by Sarah J Maas


When the Bat’s away, the Cat will play. It’s time to see how many lives this cat really has. Two years after escaping Gotham City’s slums, Selina Kyle returns as the mysterious and wealthy Holly Vanderhees. She quickly discovers that with Batman off on a vital mission, Batwing is left to hold back the tide of notorious criminals. Gotham City is ripe for the taking.

Meanwhile, Luke Fox wants to prove he has what it takes to help people in his role as Batwing. He targets a new thief on the prowl who seems cleverer than most. She has teamed up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and together they are wreaking havoc. This Catwoman may be Batwing’s undoing.



I am a little biased when it comes to wicked male lead 😉 I had read the LUX series written by Armentrout and liked it. So yeah, I am definitely looking forward to this one.
The Prince- A Wicked Novella by Jennifer L Armentrout

The Prince- A Wicked Novella by Jennifer L Armentrout


She’s everything he wants….

Cold. Heartless. Deadly. Whispers of his name alone bring fear to fae and mortals alike. The Prince. There is nothing in the mortal world more dangerous than him. Haunted by a past he couldn’t control, all Caden desires is revenge against those who’d wronged him, trapping him in a never-ending nightmare. And there is one person he knows can help him.

She’s everything he can’t have…

Raised within the Order, Brighton Jussier knows just how dangerous the Prince is, reformed or not. She’d seen firsthand what atrocities he could be capable of. The last thing she wants to do is help him, but he leaves her little choice. Forced to work alongside him, she begins to see the man under the bitter ice. Yearning for him feels like the definition of insanity, but there’s no denying the heat in his touch and the wicked promise is his stare.

She’s everything he’ll take….

But there’s someone out there who wants to return the Prince to his former self. A walking, breathing nightmare that is hell-bent on destroying the world and everyone close to him. The last thing either of them needs is a distraction, but with the attraction growing between them each now, the one thing he wants more than anything may be the one thing that will be his undoing.

She’s everything he’d die for….



Books by Meg Cabot are dear to me. They take me back to my younger days when I was reading ‘The Princess Diaries’. These fun and peppy narrations in the journals within the book make you elated. That is why this is my pick for the month.  
Royal Crown by Meg Cabot

Royal Crown by Meg Cabot


Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison should be having fun. Her best friend is visiting from America, her sister’s royal coronation is only three days away (the first coronation of a female ruler in two centuries), and she’s even got a new boyfriend who is actually a very smart and charming prince!

But it’s hard to celebrate when her royal cousins are scheming to take over the throne. And with everyone running around, Olivia and her friends have been saddled with royal babysitting duties. Then, to make matters worse, Olivia’s snobby cousin Luisa insists on gossiping about her, especially about things that should be personal . . . it’s none of her business whether Prince Khalil and Olivia have kissed or not!

When did growing up royal get so complicated?!?

  That’s all Folks!!! Now I am hurrying off to grab my stuff to put it in my bag and then… off I go in the lap of Mother Nature Until then,
Written by Preeti
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