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  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough.

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No child truly believes they will be hanged. Even on the gallows platform with the rope scratching at their wrists and the shadow of the noose upon their face they know that someone will step forward, a mother, a father returned from some long absence, a king dispensing justice… someone. Few children have lived long enough to understand the world into which they were born. Perhaps few adults have either, but they at least have learned some bitter lessons.

Saida climbed the scaffold steps as she had climbed the wooden rungs to the Caltess attic so many times. They all slept there together, the youngest workers, bedding down among the sacks and dust and spiders. They would all climb those rings tonight and whisper about her in darkness. Tomorrow night the whispers would be spent and a new boy or girl would fill the empty space she left beneath the eaves.

“I didn’t do anything.” Saida said it without hope, her tears dry now. The wind sliced cold from the west, a Corridor wind, and the sun burned red, filling half the sky yet offering little heat. Her last day?

The guard prodded on, indifferent rather than unkind. She looked back at him, tall, old, flesh tight as if the wind had worn it down the bone. Another step, the noose dangling, dark against the sun. The prison yard lay near-deserted, a handful watching from the black shadows where the outer wall offered shelter, old women, grey hair trailing. Saida wondered what drew them. Perhaps being so old they worried about dying and wanted to see how it was done.


The book caught my attention because of the author. I like his way of writing. Though he involves violence and bloodshed in most of his books, his story-telling skills grip the reader firmly. It was the opening line which got me immediately hooked. I mean.. it starts with a child being sentenced to death!!!… Can anything be more saddening than this??

Reading these paragraphs reminded me of a heart-wrenching scene, from an international movie (I think it was one of the Pirates of Caribbean series), where small children along with their families were sent to gallows. Coincidentally, that scene was the opening scene of the movie as these lines are for the book.

Though these paragraphs brought out a deep profound sadness within me, I still had an inkling, a hope that things will turn out good. Someone will come to save the little girl… The child will not have such a cruel fate…

With this positive hopeful thinking of what happens next, I would certainly have this book as my First on Friday 🙂


What about you all? Did these lines entice you enough to make this book into your TBR list?

Have you read any other books from MARK LAWRENCE? Did you like them or not?

Which book are you planning to read this weekend?


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below…

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theorangutanlibrarian · April 22, 2017 at 5:54 pm

ah those paragraphs are awesome- they remind me why I love that book!!

Let me know what you think of my post :)

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