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  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough.

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She had a doll once, with a painted on smile, and pale hair and eyes like her own. For a long while, it had been her constant companion- a friend for tea when Alice was traveling with her papa, a confidant when she overheard her parents whispering secrets, someone who had to listen to her when no one else would. Her name was Zenobia, after the desert warrior queen Grandpapa had told her about. But one day, while Henry Hemlock chased her around the garden, the doll had fallen, and she’d stepped on her neck, shattering the fragile porcelain. The dreadful sound it made had sent her heart up into her throat.

Now, the sound of her mama’s neck breaking under the heel of the man’s boot made her vomit into her hands.

A pulse of fiery power washed through the room like an errant wave, carrying with it all the crushing chaos of the nearby passage as it collapsed. Rose was thrown back against the compartment’s wall. The trembling air made her bones shiver, her teeth ache.


Rose held her breath, clenching her eyes shut as her papa howled from where the shadowed man had him pinned to the floor, a sword driven through his shoulder. She knew better than to scream with him, to try to reach for her mama the way he was reaching now. The hidden cupboard built into the wall behind the bookshelf would protect her, just as Grandpapa had promised, but only if she stayed silent, stayed still. The thin crack between the backing of the shelf and its frame was just enough to see through and not be seen.


What a start!!! I was totally blown away… The author starts with a description of the doll, reliving the memories about how the narrator cherished it and how the doll got accidentally broken when suddenly the whole comparison of her doll’s broken neck and her mother’s broken neck comes up… I was just flabbergasted with this sudden twist of scenes.

Though the prologue starts with such scenes of death, the story looks appealing as the child witnessing the scene is hidden. The prospects of the child growing up and taking revenge, for these violent killings, is quite high… which makes me drawn towards this book.

So, what do you think…. Do these lines entice you enough to make the book to be your First on Friday or not? 

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