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Today I am going to do a fun activity. My first Dream Cast… Yay!! I am so excited. [a jiggle and a twirl]

I am sure all of us visualize the characters when we are reading a book. The character becomes dearer to us if the image is crystal clear in our minds.

I am going to choose ten characters, created by the same author in its various books. Then I am going to give them a well known face which I feel fits perfectly on them. As I go along, I will speak about the reasons behind my choice.

So let’s start….

  • First I need to choose one of my favourite authors. I have to keep it in mind that the author must have written enough books to have at least Ten characters.

This is easy for me. I choose Sarah J Mass. This lady is phenomenal when it comes to character building.

  • Next step is to choose the Ten characters and cast them…

I choose the following:

  1. AelinAelin aka Celaena is a young girl of Eighteen who is a fantastic assassin. She has white blonde hair and atheletic body. She is a beautiful girl who loves to dress up in her spare time. My choice for Celaena-


2. Chaol He is a young captain of guards. Not excessively handsome, but having a ruggedness in his face killing with his clear golden-brown eyes. For me Chaol is-



[Oooohhh!! fanning myself!!]

  1. DorianNot much older than twenty, he has striking blue eyes contrasted with his raven-black hair. Achingly handsome the prince is gentle in nature. For me, Dorian can only be-



[This guy felt so perfect to me, for Dorian. In the whole excitement, I downloaded the pic but forgot to get his original name… So I will just call him Prince Dorian… I request you all  to help me get to know the name of this handsome stranger 😉]

4. Manon Blackbeak This witch is exceedingly beautiful but at the same time very strong. She is a leader of the most disciplined group of witch fighters. Manon has a strong kind heart and she is a warrior. With all these attributes I felt the best person who can portray the character is-



5. Rowan– He is a Fae prince. Bold, Strong and with years of experience along with a sad past. A trainer and a loyal friend. For me Rowan is defintely-



6. Feyre A huntress, a fighter , a survivor. A girl who looks after her family just because of an oath given by her in her innocence at the age of eight. A girl who wants to have a normal life but can’t as she is the sole bread earner of her family. A girl who has dreams of her own. A young girl who is fearless to go after the things which she wants without thinking about the consequences. My cast for Feyre is –



7. TamlinWith his golden hairs and green eyes, the High Lord of Prythian is a handsome guy. Kind and understanding, he treats his friends equal irrespective of whether they are human or fae. I believe Tamlin should be-



8. RhysandThe puzzle. An enigma. A mystery. With dark black hairs and handsome face, Rhysand is a character which takes time to be understood. The feelings which he hides within his persona, can be seen only when he wills them to be seen. This was one character having many shades and one of the most difficult to find. So, here it goes-



9. Lucien– Scarred yet handsome. The loyal friend of Tamlin with a sad past. Courageous and level headed. Lucien could only be-



10. Nesta– The eldest sister of Feyre comes up as a spiteful person. But under this demeanor there lies a fiercely loyal heart and a very strong will. Protective about her sisters, she doesn’t get easily persuaded. This combination of beauty and strength in her personality fits only on-



So these are my dream casts for the characters made alive by Sarah J Mass.

Did any one of these matched your imagination? Would you like to see a movie featuring them?

Leave your opinions in the comment box below 🙂 

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