Hi Folks!!!

I would cut down the chase and come to the point directly… Why? Because I am too excited to share this news that it would be completely absurd to go around and play with words rather than coming straight to the point.

So here I am my dear friends, to share with you the news, as promised in my last post.

After spending two years in the blogosphere, I have crossed the boundaries to walk into an entirely new terrain of becoming an author.

I am happy to introduce to you all my first ebook – ‘THE LIFE LIVED’


It is a short memoir which can be easily be purchased here.

It was an amazing journey from being a Blogger to an Author. I learned so many new things and discovered a whole new world out there. There were so many things related to publishing a book, which I had never paid so much attention to as a reader but now know how it is important as an author.

Believe me when I say that writing an Introduction, a Preface, a Blurb, and an Author’s Note is much more difficult to write than the whole book. Deciding on a Book Cover and then designing it with a befitting title to the book turned out to be quite a daunting task for me.

But I did it and I wouldn’t be shy to say that I was really proud to do it all. After all, it was my first step and isn’t it the first one which takes the most courage 🙂

I hope you will all give my ebook as much love as you have given to my blog.

I would be happy to hear your feedback after you read my ebook.

It is a baby step on a new path. I do need guidance and support to make my steps stronger and steadier if I have to walk on this path. So, your feedbacks are most important to me. After all, it will be these feed backs which will become my stepping stones on this new journey.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Until next time…


Written by Preeti


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