Kdrama Pool- A blog series

I was overwhelmed with the massive response on my last Kdrama post. Your love and warmth shown for the post motivated me to bring more info about Kdramas for you all.

Hence, I have converted all my posts related to Kdramas into a blog series. Since it is a massive pool of Kdramas, I have named the Blog-series as ‘Kdrama Pool’ (simple and easy to remember, no!)

Before we all dive in together in this pool, let me share some of my thoughts related to this Blog Series. 

My blog series will consist of posts which have been categorised based on different genres. This will only help you all to choose easily

There are way too many Kdramas which come under any genre and it would be insane if I try covering all of them in one post. It will just leave you being more confused while choosing your pick. 

Also, this list is like a personal recommendation from me to you. So I will try my best to recommend something which is worthy enough.

With the intention to make you enjoy more kdramas and get less frustrated in making a choice, I will be mentioning the best of the lot.

As and when I come across some more good Kdramas from the genres, I will bring more posts related to them. 

So the readers who don’t find their favourites in my list, do not be disheartened…Maybe your favourite Kdrama is the one which I am writing about in the next list.

To ease the reading process for you all, I am putting all the links of my posts on this page for your access. You can always come back on this page to see the new posts as well to choose more kdramas for your next binge-kdrama event.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the kdramas you love, so do comment on my posts. It really means a lot to me.

Happy Watching


Here are the categories:


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