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Marking the Bookmark



“When a bookmark tumbles out of an old book pristine and unwrinkled, it is like a gasp of breath from another century.”

Don Borchert, Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks, and Gangstas in the Public Library

Dear All,

You must have guessed from the heading as well as the quote, about what I want to share my thoughts on. Yes, I want to talk about something so small, almost weightless but worth thousand times more- THE BOOKMARKS!!!

The idea to write about them came to me when I received a book order from AMAZON. Now, Amazon has this beautiful habit of inserting bookmarks with your books and I totally love that site, for this gesture.

As a reader, I prefer reading books, holding them in my hand and turning their pages, getting the feel of the whole book. [It is not that I refrain from e-books, but holding a book physically, has its own charm…].

So, when one is a reader and also a mother of two kids, it is just impossible  to read the books in one sitting. And, there is where my precious bookmarks come in. They are my life savers. They help me out in the most precarious moments, especially when I have to, literally, steal time in-between juggling with the demands of my family.

Frankly speaking, after a decade of being both- a reader and mother, now I have become little obsessed about them. I can’t open a book without having a bookmark beside or in the book. I love purchasing and collecting various style of bookmarks.

I love all sorts of them-

The ones with the quotes-


Sometimes the ones with figures-



Strings/Beaded ones-


Bookmarks with themes-



Magnetic ones-


Cute ones-


Metallic ones –


and many many more…. I wish I could get all of these 😉

These bookmarks play an important part in my Reader’s life. Since they are important to me, I take care while choosing them. They are easily available in local stores. But, I love to collect  all sorts of them and so generally search them online.

Check some of the beautiful ones here1.

What about you all? Do bookmarks play an important part in your reading life?

Do you like to have variety in bookmarks? If yes, which ones do you prefer?

Do write your opinions and thoughts in the comment box below…


Until next time,




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