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Memories: A 2 B



Which is the day that keeps returning every year as long as you live? No points for guessing the correct answer 🙂

Of course!! It’s Your Birthday… isn’t it?

Everyone loves their birthday, don’t they? Well, I am no exception either.

Delicious birthday cake on table on bright background

I love mine too… it’s the day when everyone wishes you, treats you like a royalty, tries to please you and keeps you happy by entertaining all your whims and tantrums. And let’s not forget about the Cakes, the Candles, and the Candies!

Ah! The candies… they are very-very important especially when you are a child celebrating your birthday in school. The memory I am sharing with you today is related to it too.

I was in first grade – a six-year-old, shy girl who had joined this new school that year. As I and my parents were in the process of learning the know-how of the school, my birthday approached.

A couple of days before my birthday, my parents asked me that how the other children celebrate their birthday in school. Birthday on my own1

I do not remember the answer I gave them, but I do remember that the result of that conversation made me go to the school in uniform but with a bag of candies in my school bag.

Now there I was, sitting in the classroom – a birthday-girl unknown to the students and the teacher in the class. My shyness prevented my many attempts to speak to the teacher, telling her about my birthday. I couldn’t blame her also, for how could she know when I hadn’t come dressed in any pretty, fancy dress.

Now as the class started and everybody behaved normally as they used to, without giving me a second glance; my thoughts turned towards the bag of candies lying in my school backpack. I started thinking, “Oh! Now, what will happen to my candies if the teacher doesn’t call me in front of the class to celebrate my birthday? Who will eat them? If I take them home, my parents will feel sad… After all, they were very excited for today.”

My parents had bought my favorite candies and I was really worried about them – the candies, I mean. As I turned to take out a book from my bag my eyes locked down on the candies. Without thinking twice, I reached out and unwrapped one candy and popped it in my mouth. I quietly sucked on to the sweet taste keeping my mouth shut and head down, peering down into the book.

Birthday on my own3

As the periods rolled on, I kept popping the candies inside my mouth. The frequency of eating the candies increased with the passing of time. By the time the school ended, I had only 12 candies left in my bag. I hadn’t spoken a single word throughout the day – not because I was shy but because my mouth was full of candies.

As I came back home, my mother asked me about my day. I said it went well. She asked whether the candies were enough for the class. I quickly said yes and went to have my lunch.

In the evening as everyone was having their tea, my mother called me. She came out of the room, holding my school bag. She asked me again about my birthday celebration in the school. I tried moving away from that place. Immediately she asked me whether there were some candies left after distributing. Since there were some candies left, which I wasn’t able to eat… I didn’t feel the need to cover up the fact and replied immediately that the left-over candies were in the bag. The moment I turned to go out, she said, “Yes, I found the candies but why are there so many empty candy wrappers along with them?”

Silence. There was complete silence as all my family members were looking at me. My mother flipped the bag and all the candy wrappers fell out. In the midst of all the excitement of eating candies in the class, I had not thought of disposing of the wrappers and now they were all strewn on the floor, staring back at me. I was so stunned. I was caught. My mind went numb.

I was not able to think what to say. I looked at the wrappers and then to my mom. My expressions would have been quite funny as all the family members burst out laughing. Without telling, they had understood what must have taken place in the school.Birthday on my own4.gif

I think I was saved from any scolding because it was my birthday. Whatever must have been the reason, my parents didn’t say anything to me. My uncles and my grandparents just kept smiling whenever I met their eyes. Never again did I wear a uniform on my birthday. Even in my college as well as at my work-place, I made sure to wear a new dress for my birthday.

That was the first and the last of my birthday which I celebrated on my own.

Have you had some hilarious experiences on your birthday? Would like to hear about them in the comments section below.


This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘B’.



  • Preeti's Panorama

    yes, it took some time for me to come out of my shell. When I look back, I feel that there were many things which I could have done or enjoyed had I not been that shy. But on second thoughts I feel maybe that’s how i was supposed to grow up 🙂

  • Ravish Mani

    Hehe….enjoyed reading it. It’s funny and relatable. I’m too a shy guy but I had to do the opposite. On weekdays we have maroon pants as uniform and on Saturday, white pants. It was exam time and somehow my washerman missed the date and he had my white pants. Since it was exam days, I couldn’t bunk the class. So, what I did was I wore colour dress and went to school with candies to celebrate my birthday. 🙂

    • Preeti's Panorama

      Wow! Would you believe, if I told you that the incident you shared here was exactly what happened with one of my colleague’s daughter. The washerman failed to give clothes on time and her daughter ended up celebrating her birthday three months before the actual one. Ha ha ha… got my memories refreshed after reading your story. Thank you 🙂

    • Preeti's Panorama

      Hello to shy kid from a shy kid. Nice to meet you 🙂
      Gifting a gulmohar branch is so sweet… I think it is really a small world. I have many memories attached to a Gulmohar tree. I loved playing with those tiny leaves of gulmohar. It was such a childish thing to do but we loved it.

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