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Memories: A 2 D



As a mother and wife, the busiest part of our day is the morning time. It was not any different today. After sending off my kids and husband, I sat down to have a cup of coffee. The moment I did so something poked me from behind the cushion. Reaching out, I found one of the dolls belonging to my daughter.

“Oh, God!!! These dolls… I find them all over my house.” I muttered.

“Who was the one who brought them in the first place?” said the voice inside my head.

All my irritation went kaput. The truth was that I had only introduced my girls to the world of dolls. So now when they were totally in love with it, who else could I blame.

My fondness for dolls started a little late but lasted for quite a long time 🙂  I would have been in 4th or 5th grade when I got my first doll. I didn’t like playing with dolls so much till then.dolls My sister and I were more interested in playing with our kitchen sets or role-plays like Teacher-Student. It was a mere chance when somebody gifted us a doll when they visited our house. Then also it was kept under wraps for many days.

My interest was stirred when one day, during our lunch-break, one of my friends told that she too had a doll. I told her that I also had one and suggested that we can play with them together. The problem was we couldn’t bring the dolls in school so our residences were the only option. She lived two blocks away from my home – not very near but not too far either.dolls7 Taking permission from our parents my sister and I went to her house with the doll. We were a little skeptical as our doll was quite a basic one. We walked to her house with the doll in our hands and lots of doubts in our minds. 

We were almost certain that she will make us go back because our doll wasn’t good enough to play with, but to our utter surprise, the doll she brought out was of similar style. And to our greatest delight, it was a male doll. As soon as we saw it, we started making plans for a big marriage day of our dolls.

Coming back home we were very excited. We had decided many things but to put everything in action we required permission from our parents especially our mom. After asking a few questions, my mom permitted it. I was so elated that I couldn’t wait for the next day to go to school and tell my friend about it. Two weeks from that day we set the date for the gala event. We were so very excited. We had many things to do but the foremost was dressing up our doll for the wedding. My mother was very good with needles. We requested her to make a few dresses for our doll.

Nothing comes free in this world I tell you… So after making a deal of dusting the house and watering the plants for one month, she finally agreed. I was glad because the outcome was fabulous. She stitched four beautiful dresses for my doll. I still remember the joy I felt when I saw the dresses for the first time. For the wedding, she had stitched a beautiful Lehenga-choli of pink color. There was a blue saree and two more dresses. My doll had a trousseau!!!

We were looking forward to the D-day. Every day in school, this was our hot topic. We had invited our other friends also for the wedding. My father had agreed to bring snacks and sweets for my friends. The excitement was building up slowly and slowly. We were pretty sure that it would be one of the best days of our childhood.

But just two days before our doll’s wedding, my friend demanded something which we were not at all ready for. She said that after the wedding, our doll will become hers. What!!! This was my reaction when I heard her statement. In my wildest dreams, I had not thought of such a thing. How can I part away with my doll? That was beyond imagination. I fought with her saying that she was too selfish and that there is no such rule. She countered that “This is what happens when a wedding takes place. The dolls live together. That is how it is.”

I came home crying from school. I told everything to my sister and cried some more. dolls5Our doll will go away. What will we play with? Who will dress up my doll? All these questions kept churning around in my mind… Now when I look back, I can’t stop laughing at the idiocy of the whole situation. Years later, when I met my friend, I kept teasing her for being so greedy back then. She confessed that she wanted to have my doll as she loved the dresses my mom had made for her.

Anyway, our mother found us huddled in one corner of the house looking all gloomy. As she asked us the reason, my tears spilled again. I knew then and there that I loved my doll so-so much. I could never let her go. Hearing our problem, my mother advised us to tell our friend that we can decide to bring our doll to their house for any one day of the week and she should also do the same. Hearing this option, I calmed down a little. Next day, I repeated my mother’s exact words to my friend. Thankfully, she agreed and all was well again.

Dolls1Tackling all these ups and downs, finally, the day arrived. We had dressed our doll in its best finery. My friends came at the proper time and we started the ceremony. We were laughing and giggling all the time. We made our dolls sit on chairs as the guests of honor. We sat around them and made them a part of our conversations. Soon after, my mom brought some snacks and sweets for us. We played some music and danced. It was a very happy evening. When the time came for our friends to depart, I clutched my doll. Deep inside, I was a little wary of my friend taking away my doll. But nothing unusual happened.

We didn’t play with dolls as we grew older but that was one toy which we never threw away. After so many years, my parents have still kept that doll safely in their house. 

The doll which I couldn’t let go

When I had my daughters, the very first thought which occurred to me, was the chance of living my childhood once again with as many dolls as I wished, through my girls.



What were your favorite toys in your childhood? Would love to hear stories of your favorite toys in the comment section below.



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