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Memories: A 2 E



Oh yes!!! Don’t stop and wonder what memories can be there related to exams except learning and writing because trust me… it’s much more than that.

Social Science was one exam which I feared the most. It was not only a vast subject but my mother had a special interest in it. (Why Mom?? Why?? Of all the subjects you liked this one only!)

Until 5th grade, she used to ask me questions after I had revised everything. Exams1I used to get really stressed out because it was the only subject having the maximum number of lessons in it. On top of it, I had to finish revising all the lessons before the dinner was served as my mother used to ask me a few questions to check whether I am well prepared or not. That would make my mind blow off and I used to chew out all my nails. My lips used to get parched and I would become too jumpy.

Adding to this, my younger sister used to love scaring me to death with her non-stop nagging.

“Oh, you are still on this page only!!”

“How many lessons are remaining?”

“Mom has finished cooking dinner. You better hurry up!”

“I have finished my portions of the exam. Look at you!”  

And my dad… loved to see this whole drama unfolding before his eyes.

Then there was one time when I went to school prepared for a language exam and it turned out to be the Science exam.

The goof-up

I can’t thank my stars as well as my mom who used to be firm in making us study chapters before the exams approached. Why? Because due to this practice of hers I was able to do most of the exam paper. But it didn’t go down well with my mother. After school, when she came to pick me up, I happily told her about the goof-up. Oh! I still remember the look on her face. She had paled within a second. Only one word came out of her mouth “What??” And I happily told her again.

Ah! That scolding

Oh, what a scolding I received that day after reaching home. My mother got very upset with me as this was the height of carelessness from my side. The scolding I got on that day is something which even my sister also remembers. Just yesterday we were in splits when I was discussing the topic of my post for ‘E’ and remembering these incidents.

Another interesting incident occurred when I was in 12th grade and my sister was in 10th. It so happened that during pre-boards we not only happened to sit in the same room but also ended up sitting together. Somehow the seating arrangements planned by the teachers made us partners. We were happy to see each other but planned to keep low so that nobody noticed our good fortune.

To our dismay, our PE teacher saw this and pointed it out to the Examination Head. Our good reputation among teachers saved us and we stayed seated as we were.

Clash of Left-Handed and Right-Handed

However, within a day of our Pre-Boards, we were so annoyed with each other that we requested ourselves to change our place. The thing is that my sister is left- handed and I am not, but she was sitting on my right side. One can imagine our situation. Since our desks were joined we couldn’t write properly as she was invading my writing area and me hers… It was so irritating. Half the time went pushing and adjusting our places so that we could write with ease. Finally, we had to tell the teacher to help us out.

As I grew and started my college, the anxiety towards my exams subsided and I didn’t panic so much. However, it was opposite for my sister. She used to become too anxious and stressed in her later years. So much so, that she used to get ill. You will be more surprised to hear the medicine which our pediatrician prescribed for her. A bottle of Coca-Cola – yes, this was the cure whenever she used to get sick during exams. How I wished to have such sickness for a medicine like that. 🙂

Those were the times. Laughing, crying, fighting, helping – we completed our years as students. Though a student life is very hard but nothing can be compared with that particular phase of life as well. I don’t miss writing exams but I do miss the thrill, the excitement, the anxiety, the preparation, and the group studies which came along with it.


Do you also miss examination days? Have any funny story to share related to exams. Would love to hear from you in the comments section below.



This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘E’.




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