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Memories: A 2 J



I wish I could tell you about my journeys during time travel but unfortunately, they occurred only within the books I read. So I would only be able to share anecdotes of my journeys which were done in the real world 😉

My all-time favorite journeys were the ones which I did through trains. I have traveled through various modes of transportation but trains have always been my favorite.


Every summer vacation, I used to travel to meet my grandparents. To reach their city we needed to travel by train and so I used to be always excited about it. I loved the hustle-bustle of railway stations, shops selling story-books and magazines, hawkers shouting at the top of their voices to sell their food-items or toys. Even with the chaos churning around me, I liked that atmosphere.

When we used to reach the station to board the train, my father used to always buy a couple of comics for me and my sister. This was sort of a vacation routine for us, every year. After boarding, my sister and I used to fight for grabbing the window seat. Most of the time we were lucky to find two window seats. When the luggage was kept in proper places, we used to sit and read our newly bought comic books.

Beautiful Sunset

Along with reading I also enjoyed looking out of the window to see the train whistling past the stations, villages, and towns. I loved watching the countryside. Those lush-green fields, farmers plowing the land for the next crop, cows grazing in the meadows, orchards laden with fruits making the branches bow down towards the ground were always a welcome sight. The best time was at the dusk when we could see the sun setting over the horizon. The fields and trees used to get covered with the orange glow.


Seeing the birds flying back to their nests, animals returning back to their homes, evening turning into the night made the journey so beautiful and I loved every minute of it. In the night, we used to sit around in one berth and have dinner. My heart still warms up remembering how we used to eat and talk in a small space. Swaying in the gentle rhythm of the train, under the soft glow of the cabin light, we used to drift off to sleep.

I used to get awake by the voices of the tea vendors and hawkers selling breakfast on the stations in the morning. My father is an early-riser and so he used to be awake by the time that particular station arrived. He used to get down and bring back sizzling hot, mouth-watering bread fritters with cups of tea. That tasty and heavy breakfast used to recharge us for the remaining part of the journey. That station was our favorite place to have snacks, during our train journeys, for many years to come.

A very hilarious incident occurred during one of such journeys. I was around nine years old at that time. My sister and I, both, wanted to sleep on the upper berth. We were arguing and none of us were backing down. Ultimately, my parents made both of us sleep on the upper berth. As I was the elder one, I slept on the outer side. It was quite wide and we were comfortably sleeping till… I fell.

Yes, I fell straight from the top berth down on the floor of the train. Oh, my!!! One of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I laugh it off now but at that time, for a nine-year-old girl… it was so awkward. Adding to that, my presence of mind just evaporated into thin air. I woke up when I fell, but I was so confused about what had happened that I just kept lying there without moving. I didn’t move an inch pretending to be asleep. Oh, the shame was too much for me. I also was praying fervently that my parents don’t get up otherwise they might scold me for being so utterly clumsy. There must have been a guardian angel beside me because one of the elders on the opposite berth picked me up and quietly placed me back in my place. Feigning to be in a deep sleep, I kept my eyes closed till I was asleep again.


Being a child has its own perks I suppose. Came morning and I was all back to normal, the incident at the back of my mind. My parents had no clue of the incident till the uncle sitting on the opposite berth told him. Never again I fought with my sister for the upper berth.   


In later years, I traveled to many other places far and wide but still, those journeys with my family via trains would always be the ones which I cherish the most.


What is your favorite mode to travel far-off distances? Do you have some unforgettable incidents related to your journeys? Share it in the comment section below.



This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘J’.




  • Todd

    I am also a huge fan of travel by train, particularly in India. Whether there or here, it is wonderful to watch the world go by, read a bit, nap a bit, and wake up to see new people, places, and things.

    I can’t believe you fell from the top berth – how scary! I cringed as I read that!

    • Preeti's Panorama

      ha ha ha… Yes, I fell from the top berth. Luckily I was rolled up in a bedsheet which helped me cushioning the fall. Added to that, the shock and shame of falling were too much which overcame all my pain of falling 😀

  • babyandbeyondin

    I’m sure that my strong be a very funny story in hindsight… one that the family reminsices and laughs over 😁
    I love traveling by train too. There is a certain mystical old world charm about it

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