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Memories: A 2 K



‘Kitchen is the heart of a home.’

I had read this quote a few months back and liked it so much that it ended up as a plaque hanging on my kitchen wall. According to a survey, Indians spend an average of 13 hours a week in the kitchen which was ranked the highest amount of time in their search.

Caught her in the act

Without a doubt, kitchen holds more importance than any other part in the house. It is not just a place for cooking. It is the hub of most of the family activities. It is also the place where a family bonds the most.

I have fond memories of my own children showing their naughty streak in there. When my elder had just learned to walk her favorite destination was the kitchen. Throwing all the potatoes down and then walking off was her favorite pastime. My younger one loved to play with wheat flour. Opening the cabinets and containers she used to put the flour all over her face and hands till we caught her in the act.

A kitchen is a place which you can’t do without in a house. There are always few memories attached to it. Kitchen reminds me of times when my mother used to cook food and it was also the place where I used to talk and share things with her. K2In the afternoons, I had the habit of pouring out all that had happened during the school hours to my mom. Sitting in the kitchen, I used to fill her with every detail, as she served me food. My sister and I used to take turns telling her stories as we ate our lunch.

We used to do our homework in the kitchen while our mother prepared the food. She used to clarify our doubts as she went along doing the kitchen work. Juggling between her chores along with attending to us, she looked like a superwoman to me.  Sitting on the kitchen table, finishing our school-work while having evening snacks we had great family time.

During the festivals, our kitchen was the busiest place. The heavenly smell of a variety of delicacies, being cooked there, wafted out during those days of festivities. My mother used to be super busy preparing and storing the items made. The kitchen used to overflow with all sorts of sweets and snacks and we couldn’t help but munch on these savories whenever we got chance. Oh, it was nothing but heaven!! Truly one of the most enjoyable moments of my life.

Gossips in the Kitchen




The arrival of guests in our house for dinners brought more life in our kitchen. Cooking food, preparing dishes and serving them, we used to gossip and joke away till late night. Funny enough, most of the time our family friends, who were invited to the dinner, winded up eating in the kitchen itself. Surprisingly, no one thought twice about the formalities and showed no qualms about it.

During winters, the kitchen used to become my favorite spot as it used to be the warmest. The early sunrays entering in used to warm up the kitchen. Those warm winter mornings in the kitchen, eating the stuffed parathas made by my mother along with hot milk, were just picture-perfect.

k5.jpgMy kitchen has witnessed moments when our mother taught us to cut and peel veggies and fruits; the day when I first experimented my cooking skills. Though it turned out to be a complete disaster it didn’t dampen my pursuit of mastering the skill of cooking. Our kitchen was always a silent spectator of the food burnt and all the recipes which were triumphed over by me and my sister. With the passing of years, it became the only place in my house, where I felt the most comfortable. The times when I felt depressed, lonely or argued with someone… the kitchen was where I could find solace.

K4Even now, when I go back to visit my parents, I spend most of my time sitting in the kitchen, talking to my parents over breakfast. Sometimes I cook for them as they talk and eat with their grandchildren. Over cups of tea and evening snacks, we share our stories with each other.

My kitchen of yesteryears hasn’t changed much. It still oozes that warmth which I always felt. Watching my mother working near the stove takes me back in time when I was a child, who loved watching her mother cook tasty dishes. The feel of those tableware and cookware, the pots and the pans, which were a part of my past life makes me very nostalgic.


In that kitchen, we not only made meals but also memories.


Was Kitchen ever your favorite place in the house? Would love to hear from you all about the stories related to it.


This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘K’.



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