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Memories: A 2 R



One of my private classes used to be early morning at 6 am. I studied in eleventh grade at that time. We used to directly attend the school after that. I used to start half an hour before to reach the class on time. On the way, two of my friends used to join me and we used to walk together to the class.

This incident occurred during the month of November. Winters were upon us but not in full swing. There was a chill in the air and fog was a usual thing early in the morning. So on that particular day, I started from home and met my friends along the way as was our daily routine. We were half asleep, walking and talking as we took the familiar road. The fog was floating all around us and the visibility was not so good.

Suddenly, at one of the crossroads, just few hundred meters away from the class we came across a calf. As it was foggy we had not been able to see it from afar otherwise, we would have taken another alley. But now it was standing in the middle of the crossroad which had to be crossed to reach our destination. All three of us were so surprised with its appearance that we just stood there for a minute or two. We were terrified to cross, as the calf was a little bigger in size and we were a bunch of scaredy cats.

However, I and one of my other friend started moving around the calf to reach the other side of the road. The third friend had not been able to gather her courage and didn’t move at all. Unfortunately, the moment I had moved past the calf and was almost on the other side, a cyclist popped out of nowhere, from the other side and hit the calf. (Can’t blame him as he would have also been blinded by the fog)

The moment the calf was hit, it got jumpy and started running. By this time I was safely on the other side but then, I heard my friends shouting.  I only heard two words being shouted by my friends, “Preeti!!! Run!!!!” As their voice fell on my ears, I turned my head and looked back, I saw the calf running… towards me. Without wasting a second, I ran.


I. Just. Ran.

The person who had never ever taken part in any athletic competition except a ‘lemon spoon race’, that too in the third standard, ran with all her might. I just sprinted. My body had gone into an extreme alert mode, so much so that I could hear the sound of the hooves of the calf as it galloped behind me.

Thank the stars that my mind was still working as I ran, because I realized that the building where our private classes used to be held, was just around the corner. I took a sharp left turn and ran till the steps of the building. Thankfully, the calf ran straight ahead and didn’t come after me. As I came to my senses and realized what had just happened in the past couple of minutes, I saw most of my classmates standing at the gate of the building. They had witnessed the scene first hand. They were all standing shocked. They looked at me and I looked at them for a second. And then we all burst out laughing.

The two friends whom I had left far behind caught up a few minutes later. We were all giggling on the sheer stupidity of what had just happened. Some said, ‘We never knew you had such a talent’; some said, ‘So now you have started competing with animals also.’ All in all, that day we all were very distracted throughout the class. Everyone attending the class had a smile on their face, including me.

That was the fastest I had ever run. The person who had a firm belief that there was not a single athletic bone in her body had run like there was no tomorrow. I came to understand that there is an athlete hidden within me which can compete with any runner around, provided there is a calf running behind me.


This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘R’.




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