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Memories: A 2 T



Being in the profession of teaching, I have come across many students. These years of teaching have helped me accumulate many tales related to my students. Some bizarre, some amusing and some downright hilarious.

I am sharing here one of those Tiny Tales which still makes me laugh when I remember it. It also made me realize that there is no limit to a child’s imagination.


This incident happened after the first term examinations, a couple of years back. As I checked the answer sheets, I came across one answer sheet which had a very peculiar answer. But before I go to the answer, let me tell you the question.

It was an objective question of True and False where if the statement was false the student had to write the correct statement. Under this main question, there was the following statement-

The earliest surviving map was made by Babylonians.

The actual answer to this statement was ‘True’, but the child whose answer sheet I was checking at that time had answered it as ‘False’. Not only that, he also wrote the correct statement for it, which stated that ‘The earliest surviving map was made by humans.’

Reading the incorrect answer made me wonder why he wrote such a sentence. I tried to understand what he might have been thinking but failed to come to any conclusion. As I distributed the corrected answer sheets in his class, I couldn’t tap my curiosity, and hence asked him the reason behind writing such a different statement for a sentence which was already correct in the first place.

I asked him that why he didn’t consider Babylonians as humans. What had they done wrong to him?

Student at Desk

The student had still not grasped that his answer was wrong. He confidently replied, ‘Mam, of course, the map was made by humans. How can Baby-lions make the map? They are animals, no?’

The child had read Babylonians as Baby lions. Not in my whole life could I think of that connection, but his imagination did it. I had no idea how to react to his statement.

With a smile on my face, I patted his back and left the class… with another amusing ‘Tiny Tale’ added to my collection.


This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘T’.




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