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Memories: A 2 W



These memories do belong to my recent life but they are very precious to me. They define who I am. These memories are of those who belong to me as I belong to them. These memories are of my family.

It was the month of January when I met him for the first time. Since then, it has been a little more than a decade that I have been with him. We have been through thick and thin but ultimately we have come a long way through. Yes, I am talking about my husband.

I had an arranged marriage. We came to know about each other’s existence through our respective uncles who worked in the same organization. A meeting was set up among our families for a particular day. They arrived as I was getting ready. I remember that as I was about to come out of my room to meet them, my cousin came in walking excitedly. Before I could understand, she held my hand and gleefully said, ‘Oh! He has dimples. He has dimples.’ As understanding dawned on me, I burst out laughing.

That was our first meeting before we got engaged. The date of marriage was scheduled a few months after. Preparations for the marriage, my job and the distance between our cities didn’t allow me to have a proper courtship period. But we used to compensate it with lots of phone conversations.


We got married and slowly I got adjusted to the new world around me. His family was quite different from mine but my husband helped me to find my own niche. Due to his change of job we relocated to a new city and there with his help and encouragement, slowly and steadily, I unfurled myself. My husband has been always supportive of anything which I have wished to try. He encourages me to venture into new paths, to explore my strengths and challenge my limits.

When we became parents for the first time, he brought so many changes within himself. The responsibilities which came along with becoming a father… he consciously and happily fulfilled them. In spite of his busy schedule, he plays with his kids, laughs on all of their silly jokes, enjoys making things in the kitchen with them and does his best to provide whatever they desire. As a father, he always boosts them to test their limits in various activities. I remember, he used to give practice to our elder one to run. As a mother, I used to feel very bad for my baby to be running around like this on her small legs, but he always propelled her to go on. I was amazed to see one day when my little kid ran whole 400 meters without breaking a sweat. It was all because my husband never gave up on her. As a father, he believes in his kids and pushes them to reach new boundaries.

W4When my elder was born, I couldn’t have been happier. She was an angel from the start. She has always been perceptive of things and people around her. She doesn’t need much guidance to make her understand the situations around. I consider her as a boon from God, as he sent her to be my elder one. Reason being, she was my greatest help when my second child was born.

My pregnancy phases were never smooth. I used to become severely sick for the initial four months. It was more difficult when my second kid was conceived. My elder one was quite young and she had a habit of always being by my side. Suddenly because of my illness, she had to be away from me. I remember how my heart used to tear apart seeing her crying for me but I couldn’t be with her as I was too ill and continuously kept throwing up. When she came to understand my situation, she handled things so well that I was surprised. She immediately understood that her mommy was going to have a baby and she needed care. With her little hands, she used to try helping me as much as she can. She used to keep running around for providing things for me. She used to be very quiet when I was sleeping and used to try her best to tuck me properly with the blanket.

W3As my second kid came to this world, my elder one immediately got into her role of being the big sister. By the time I used to give a bath to my baby, she used to spread all the things required, on the bed. She used to watch over her little sister when I was having my meals. My elder girl, who always slept next to me, started sleeping in another room as she knew that her sister needed me more in the night. Could I ask more from a child so young? I just had the Almighty to thank for giving me such a good daughter.

My second child is like a light in our lives. She is a smart child who has brought so much happiness to all of us. We feel so young being with her. Her creativity has no bounds. I believe she had started making up stories, from the day she started speaking properly. She has always been curious about things. From a very young age, she loved to open cupboards and drawers and bring down everything within her reach. Breaking toys to see what is inside them, was her favorite pastime for a couple of years. Scribbling in the corners of a room or behind the walls and then playing innocent was something she had mastered. Gobbling away all the cheese from the refrigerator and then asking who ate it w5.pngwas her favorite act. She comes up with everything which we cannot even think. And this and more is what makes her so lovable. She makes us feel so alive.

This is my family which I am so happy to be part of. Over these years, they have given me so much joy and so many happy memories. Our journey together has started but we still have a long way to go and many memories to make. This family of mine is my identity. I am incomplete without them as they are without me. They are my lifelines, my world, my everything. I can’t fathom a life without them.



This blog post is part of #A2ZChallenge. My theme for the year 2018 is Memories. This post is for letter ‘W’.




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  • scr4pl80

    How interesting to have an arranged marriage and fortunate for you that it worked out so well. It sounds like you have a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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