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My Evergreen Christmas Songs

Something changes within me when December approaches. My heart feels warm. My eyes start noticing colors in the hues of Red, Green, White and Gold. Ears become more attuned to the church bells around my area. I start searching channels for Christmas movies. It is the Christmas spirit which awakens my soul and body.

Christmas Spirit

The spirit of Christmas is contagious, I tell you 🙂 One is bound to feel joyful. It feels that the world is floating in the bubble of positive energy. The more the air turns chilly, the more my heart warms up. I also start remembering my childhood days when I used to have so much fun during the Christmas time.

Studying in a Convent school gave me a chance to enjoy this festival of Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree, eating cakes, going to churches, exchanging gifts and singing carols were the few things which I used to love the most. Maybe, that is why, I still celebrate it with my kids, as it takes me back to those happier times.

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Humming the tunes of one of my favorite carols, I thought to write this post where I can share five of my evergreen Christmas songs.


My Christmas Song List:


Jingle Bell Rock

This is not the famous ‘Jingle Bells’ song which we have heard from our childhood. This song has been inspired from the original carol but still it has its own charm. Although this song sung by ‘Bobby Helms’ is more famous, the version from ‘Glee’ is my personal favorite. Hear it and you will understand what I am trying to say-



Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

A very popular Christmas carol, ‘Rudolph the Red Nose’ has been my favorite from my childhood days. This was the first carol which I taught to my kids and they loved it. Somehow, every one tends to warm up towards Rudolph. The carol itself is a lively one with its jingling tune and simple lyrics.



Mary’s Boy Child

The list of Christmas songs will always remain incomplete if the vocal group ‘Boney M’ is not mentioned.This is one of the most famous songs of Boney M from their collection of Christmas songs. Over the years this became my favorite. We had once done a dance-drama during the Christmas Eve with this song at the backdrop. The beautiful melody and the voices of Boney M make this song evergreen.



Feliz Navidad

A Christmas song which is nothing less than a classic is ‘Feliz Navidad’. The music of this song is so fetching that one starts humming the song along. With its simple lyrics, the pop song just brightens you from within. The atmosphere becomes merrier as you listen to it. I don’t think that even Jose Feliciano (the singer and song-writer) had ever thought that this bilingual Christmas song of his will become one of the most loved Christmas songs of the world.



Santa Claus is coming to Town

When I am trying to remind my children that their gifts depend on their behavior, I sing this Christmas song to give them a hint. That tad bit of naughtiness infused in this song makes it lovable. I love seeing the expressions on my children’s face when I sing this song. It is so much fun to see them giving attention to how they are behaving, so that they don’t miss out on their Christmas gifts. My kids become so adorable then. At least in the month of December, I have a hope of having an upper hand over my kids. 😀 Thanks to this song.

Many famous singers have sung this song over the years in their own versions, but I like it best in Frank Sinatra’s voice.



So, these are my five evergreen Christmas songs. I have loved listening to them from past many years and would love doing so in future as well. These Christmas songs make my Christmas complete.

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Do you like any from the list above? Do let me know in the comment section below.

!!!Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Until then, 

Written by Preeti


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    1. Wow!!! No doubt the atmosphere of your home will be so christmasy and jingly 🙂 Wish Merry Christmas to your son from my side 🙂

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