Title: The A2Z of Globetrotting

Author: Saba Irfan

Genre: Travel/Guide

Source: Blogchatter


A2Z of globetrotting is about the best from the various places across the globe. It takes you on an exhilarating journey across the globe with the prominent factory of these places described briefly yet cover their diversities.


Book Review


I have always loved travelling and I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to explore many places within India. Visiting different places is enjoyable but it always leaves me wanting for more… There are so many incredible destinations within India and across the world that it becomes such a tough task to choose from them. That is when Saba Irfan’s Ebook ‘A2Z of Globetrotting’ comes as an aid.

It was a very pleasant surprise for me when I was assigned this ebook by Blogchatter under their Ebook Carnival, as at that time I had just returned back from a short trip. This ebook was successful in tipping me right back into the Vacation Mode.

The ebook ‘A2Z of Globetrotting’ came into being when Saba Irfan took a plunge in April A-Z Challenge. This book holds 26 beautiful chapters which take you on a journey to some of the most amazing destinations all over the world.


The chapters are a treat to one’s eyes as the ebook is filled with so many breathtaking pictures. I wonder about the amount of time spent by the author while choosing the right pictures for every chapter. It must have been such an arduous task which is indeed commendable.

Language is simple and easy to understand. The author has put her immense hard work in providing detailed information about the selected places. She not only tells us about the main features of these exotic places but even mentions the famous food cuisines/dishes and the time when one should visit there.

Saba has balanced the book well, by choosing destinations within the country as well as around the globe. The extensive research done by the author while accumulating these stimulating facts is evident when one reads this book. I could also glimpse the thoughtful nature of the author when I read the chapters ‘Great travel destinations for vacation with senior citizens’ and ‘Kids favorite travel destinations’.

Reading about ‘Mysterious destinations in the world’ and ‘Strangest ten places in India’ made me so excited. Generally, I keep a lookout for such strange mysterious places while browsing the internet, but I had never come across the ones mentioned here. The Petrifying Lake and the Blood Falls made my eyes wide open as I read about them.


The ebook has come out beautifully but I felt that compared to the number of pictures included, the writing content was less. A wandering soul like me wanted to read more about such fascinating places. 

The read can become more smooth and impactful with a little editing.

The beauty of the book could be enhanced if a few pictures could be adjusted in the appropriate size.


All in all, Saba’s first attempt as an author holds lots of promise. She has an undeniable potential to amaze the readers with her writing skills.

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Mumbai based food, fashion, parenting, travel and lifestyle blogger, Saba Irfan is passionate about exploring everything about life. A mother of 3 and with a knowledge of more than 6 global languages Saba is all set to conquer the world with her writing skills.

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relishingrascal · June 25, 2018 at 12:10 am

Wow! I am so much honoured that you reviewed my book and all the praises in the review has got me so glad. For the tips that you gave, I’ll surely follow it. Thanks alot for the lovely review .

    Preeti · July 25, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    Pleasure is mine Saba 🙂

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