Title: A Son of Carver

Author: Haven Francis

Series: A Carver High Novel

Genre: New Adult Contemporary

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Sometimes the best version of yourself is the one you can only see through someone else’s eyes. But what happens when those eyes belong to the one person you don’t want them to?

Thanks to her father’s affair and her parent’s resulting separation, Presley Knox has been ripped from her life in California and dropped into an abyss in the middle of Georgia. With her alternative looks and creative spirit, trying to find her place in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders is hard, but doing it while living with her cousin who belittles her every chance she gets is almost impossible. There is one person in Carver who embodies everything Presley hates about her new life and she can’t help but use him as the outlet for all of her frustrations.

Nash Carter’s bad boy image isn’t a façade; he drinks too much, sleeps around, makes his money street racing and has zero plans for his future beyond living a rowdy life with his likeminded dad and older brother. His good looks, cut body and popularity have always gotten him anything and anyone he’s ever wanted. That is until Presley Knox showed up at Carver High.

Nash knows to steer clear of Presley and her sharp tongue that’s always aimed at him. But that becomes impossible when they’re paired together for a semester-long photography assignment that promises to push them into the depths of each other’s personal lives. In order to survive the semester, Nash implements a new strategy: get the one girl who’s immune to his charm to change her mind about him.

With Nash’s unwavering pursuit to know everything about her, and with the nagging voice inside her head that’s insisting there’s more to him than she’s letting herself see, Presley struggles to keep her wall firmly in place. When it slowly begins to crumble, Nash wonders if he should have kept his distance after all because the girl that’s been hiding under Presley’s hard shell is breaking his heart wide open.

Nash has been a lot of things to a lot of girls, but Presley’s the only one he’s ever wanted to shelter and protect. But how is he going to do that when he knows she’s right to keep their friendship a secret in order to protect herself from him?

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Statuary Warning: Due to mature language and content, A Son of Carver is intended for readers 17+.

This book came to me at the time when I had formed a perfect TBR of Fantasy Novels for the month of July. So you can imagine my reluctance to read it :). As I started reading it, I couldn’t make any connection with the book. I wondered… maybe it was because this book didn’t belong to my current ‘Genre mode’ 😉

I was few chapters through but still didn’t feel the click. So, I decided to read it again. And thank God for it, I was certainly not disappointed!!! [ I should thank my library teacher for grilling this habit of not leaving the book before it is finished 🙂 Oh ya! She didn’t use to issue books till the time she was completely sure that we had read it thoroughly. ]

At the beginning, I was a little zapped with so many characters all around and their story-lines crossing or overlapping one another’s. But then I found out that, it was only because there is a prequel to this awesome story. [Though being a sequel, it still can be read as a standalone.] The confusion settles down within a couple of chapters and you can understand the whole plot easily. And then… You start enjoying it. 🙂

The story is about young adults who are in their last year of school. The book deals with the emotions, misunderstandings, traumas, struggles, insecurities and relationships of this young generation… beautifully. It’s a journey towards attaining maturity.

Nash is the famous bad guy of Carver, who has the ability to wrap every girl, of the High School, around his little finger…. except one and only Presley Knox. Tolerating each other is just impossible for both of them… until a photography assignment brings them in front of each other. The story gets really interesting from this point…

In the beginning, they have arguments; they demean each other. But after sometime, they try to adjust and compromise, for the sake of the assignment. Gradually, the assignment just becomes an excuse for staying in each other’s company. Knowing about each other’s life makes them realize their hastiness in judging each other.

Although the book is slow-paced, it has a touch of real life. The incidents, the problems in families, the environment in school, and the means of recreations… all easily connect to the real life. The protagonists are flawed, which adds to the touch of reality. They have made mistakes in their past; they make mistakes in their current situation as well. They have preconceived notions about each other. As they interact more, they not only realize their mistakes but are able to understand the reasons behind other’s actions.  This all has been laid down, splendidly by the author, in the line of growing up, getting matured.

Another topic, which has been exquisitely dealt with, is of giving ‘Second Chance’. Everybody makes mistakes in their life- big or small, but only a few realise. Their journey to redeem themselves can be hard, as the people around do not let go of their faults. That is what happens here as well. Nash is everything what people see in him – a handsome bad boy. But, this is not where his personality ends. He has many more layers to his persona, which he had not shown to anyone till date. The irony is that for whom Nash wants to change, she herself is skeptical about it. Presley doesn’t want anyone to know about their friendship; doesn’t help in making others know about the real Nash. She allows people to believe that her opinions about Nash haven’t changed at all.

I loved this angle of writing. The proficiency of the author is clearly seen while dealing with such issues. This happens in real life too. Many people do not make any attempt to stand by a person who wants to change for better.

But then, Presley has her own reasons to behave like that. She is full of insecurities. She is going through a very bad phase in her life. She is afraid to take anymore. She is afraid to change situations as she isn’t sure about the consequences. She isn’t confident about herself as well.

These are so real life situations. While reading it, I could relate to these thought processes; I could relate to the characters; I could feel their war of emotions; I could feel the joy of falling in love.

That is why, I liked the book immensely.


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For those who like a love story which gradually builds up; For those who believe in Second Chances; For those who are brave to deal with their insecurities

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