Title: Dragon Called

Author: Melissa Christopherson

Series: The Remnants of the Past

Genre: YA Fantasy

Source: ARC from Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange of honest review





Liliana’s life is perfectly normal. A young woman who has grown up in the kingdom of Kalvia, she knows all too well the importance of secrets. As a member of nobility, she is even expected to have a few of her own!

When her parents take her to a ball, Liliana expects her life to go on as normal after it’s conclusion. Instead, she finds herself swept into a betrothal with a man whom all of the whisperers say is crazy.

As the evidence builds up, Liliana must make the choice to stay in a nation where secrets are the currency…or step out of her human-ruled kingdom into a world so much bigger than she ever imagined.


General Overview:

The book is a one time read. The plot was very good but the story couldn’t engage me. When I had done the excerpt reveal of the book, I was very eager to read the book. Although the book took off with a good start, it was saddening that it couldn’t grip me throughout. The story was quite eventful but I felt that it could have been dealt at a much higher level- with more thrills and excitement involved in it.


The story begins when King Rannak, who is rumored to be insane, chooses Lilliana as his betrothed. With her failed attempt to escape, she is thrown into a prison where she encounters a dragon. While interacting with the mystical being, she comes to know about the Immortals. As she is rescued from her ill-fate, she is given shelter in their kingdom. With a whirlwind of events occurring around her, Lilliana learns about her true identity. Blown into a world of magic, she finds herself walking on a path to oppose King Rannak before his blood thirst takes the lives of all those whom she holds dear.


The characters were well developed. Every character had a purpose and importance in the story. However, there were many things, about the characters, which were not known about. Here, I will mention the two main ones to specify my point.

King Rannak was a fearful character. Author has done a great job in presenting him as an insane tyrant. His thoughts and actions really made you think about his extreme level of madness. But I desperately wanted to know more about his background; about the reason why he was so adamant on marrying Lilliana only.

Lilliana was a budding character. We can see her develop within the book. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the incidents in her development. For instance, there was no mention of her first transformation into a dragon. Even on the emotional front, I would have preferred to read more about her feelings for the loss of her dear ones.


The best part of this story was that the mystical beings and humans were shown at the same level. Humans were not ruled over by these magical cretures, as is found in most of the plot-lines.

The beginning was very captivating. There were opening of many events which kept me curious about the whole story. King Rannak’s actions in the starting chapters did promise an incredible tale.

I liked the simplicity in scene descriptions. They were done in an easy language which helped the reader to visualize them clearly.


There were several threads left open even after the book ended. So many questions unanswered gave a feeling of frustration. For instance- I wanted to know what was the motive behind Lady Jenine’s act? How did Neal get imprisoned even when he was having magic? What happened to Neal when he was imprisoned? How did Therim meet rebel leader? and many more…

The self-discovery of Lilliana as a dragon was very abrupt… She was discovering this new world and the changes within herself for the first time. It couldn’t be easy for her. I felt the need to know about her thoughts when she changed into a dragon for the first time; when she learned to fly for the first time.

Lilliana’s instant change of heart was also dealt in a very superficial manner. How is it possible to just close the chapter of one’s romantic inclination without any emotional turmoil. You cannot turn off your feelings just like that. I felt that this particular episode required a little more detailing.

Appearance of Therim and his sudden dominance in the story confused me. Nothing was told about him, till the end. Yet he was everywhere in the second-half of the book. His background, his position, what happened to him at the end- nothing was revealed.

The anticipated battle was over before it started. If I am not wrong the whole war, which was being prepared for from months, got over within a day. It looked more like a hasty wrap-up. I would have gladly welcomed more discussion on the war.


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I would recommend it as One-Time-Read.

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