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Review of Nidhi Garg’s – ‘Wheels of Time’

cover page of the book Wheels of Time- a collection of short stories
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Title: Wheels of Time

Author: Nidhi Garg

Genre: Inspirational 

Pages: 68

Source: Free copy by Blogchatter


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These are 12 people, 12 tales and 12 months. Which says “When The Unexpected Leads to Expected.”




Wheels of time is a short read- a collection of 12 stories. The plot of every story occurs in different months of the year- hence the title.

The author has come out strong in her creative skills and portrays unique stories which engaged me as a reader immediately. Furthermore, the stories have an inspirational essence as there is a message behind each one of them.

While the story ‘Zest of Life’ made me realize the importance of cherishing what we have been provided in life, ‘Blind Girl’ encouraged me to look within for my beliefs and faith.

Another story which impressed me was ‘Be so Happy’. Maybe the moral which came out from the story was heard by me before but I still loved the storyline.

Among all, the story which I liked the most was ‘Insane Angel’. With a hint of mystery wrapped around it, the story was immensely interesting and thought-provoking at the same time.

All these 12 short stories had great storylines. However, as a reader, I felt that in some stories, a few scenarios related to the lake, market etc., were repetitive. Also, the reading experience can be further enhanced with a revised editing. In a few places, within the book, I feel that the pace of the story is disrupted. Though it didn’t affect the story it was a little distracting as a reader to me.

Having said that, I still liked the book as a whole, because it deals with the human behavior and the spiritual guidance which we need in our daily lives from time to time.

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