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Book Review Services

Book Review Guidelines

If you are interested to do a collaboration for my services offered as a Book Reviewer, I request you to kindly go through my review policy, carefully.

I review books for specific genres listed below:

  • Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Mythology
  • Dystopian
  • Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction [Regency]
  • Romance
  • Fairytale Retelling
  • Thriller

I do not entertain any other genres At All.

My reviews are solely my personal opinions of the book. I cannot say that my reviews are always positive, but they are always honest.

My reviews consist of:

  • Name of the Book and Author
  • Name of the Publisher [only if required]
  • Source from where I received the book
  • Genre
  • Release Date  [only if required]
  • My Ratings
  • Cover Art
  • Synopsis/ Blurb [either from Goodreads or Publisher/Author’s Site]
  • My Review

Review copies will be accepted in the form of either a printed book or electronic format.

Under electronic format, I prefer .mobi and .pdf format.

My ratings are in the form of the icon of a dragon and are as follows:

  • 1 Dragon: Didn’t like much
  • 2 Dragon: One Time Read
  • 3 Dragon: Recommended
  • 4 Dragon: Highly Recommended
  • 5 Dragon: Shouldn’t Miss It

Acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review. It simply means I am agreeing to consider it for review. The order in which I review books is at my discretion although special requests will be duly granted.

If interested in the book review, write to me at preetispanorama@gmail.com.



Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services – Guidelines

At Preeti’s Panorama, we offer Content Writing Services on various topics. We accept collaborations with brands and small businesses in exchange for monetary compensation. Other finer details can be discussed through emails.

The sponsored posts can be found under the Entertainment and LifeStyle section.

If interested, write to me at preetispanorama@gmail.com.



Beta Reader Services

Beta Reading Services – Guidelines

The work of a Beta Reader is to read a manuscript prior to publishing or read a pre-release of a book. They tell you how they found the story on the global level, whether they liked the characters, figured out the mystery etc. The grammatical errors or other editing details are not dealt with by most of the Beta Readers until and unless they are too huge to be ignored. 

Beta Readers are there to encourage writers and help them understand the viewpoints of a reader by assessing their manuscript. 

The Beta Reading Services at Preeti’s Panorama has few guidelines. I request you to go through them before-

  1.  I accept finished manuscripts of certain genres only when it comes to fiction (read the list below). In Non-Fiction, I accept memoirs, books on travelling and food.
    –Mythology/ FairyTale
    I go for specific genres because my priority is quality feedback. Reading takes time and effort. If the books are not as per my taste, I may not enjoy them thereby hampering my assessment.
  2. There is a specific format of my feedback but I am open to other formats/ questions which the writer feels comfortable with. The author should discuss the format or questions beforehand.
  3. The time period of Beta Reading will be 30 days from the day I receive the book/manuscript. However, the time period can be adjusted depending on the urgency of the schedule.
  4. Both- Hard Copy or Soft Copy of the completed script/ book is acceptable.
  5. Further details can be discussed through e-mail. 

If interested, write to me at preetispanorama@gmail.com



Product Review Services

Product Review Services – Guidelines

Preeti’s Panorama accepts collaborations with various brands. Other finer details can be discussed through emails.

The sponsored posts can be found under the LifeStyle section.

If interested, write to me at preetispanorama@gmail.com

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