I might be leading a normal, ordinary life but I do have moments extraordinaire. Though they may be fleeting they are not insignificant. Listing few among the many…

  • Baby’s first laugh.

  • Relaxing gurgle of a waterfall

  • Birds pecking on your window sill.

  • The familiar shapes in the clouds.

  • The slow drifting morning fog during winters.

  • The clear reflection of the night sky in the lake.

  • The soft drizzle falling on your face.

  • A fluttery butterfly resting on you.

  • Gentle waves rushing to meet the shore.

  • Light breeze showering cherry blossoms on you.

These are moments… tiny moments which give oneself pure joy. You cannot make them… they just HAPPEN. I believe that only those who are blessed have the chance to experience them. If you have experienced any one of these… be thankful!!!

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