Sometimes you see a reason to like them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they teach you so much, sometimes they just give you pure joy. This list of ten things is one of many simple wonders, which are all around us. We may have seen them often but somehow we are so caught up in our own web that we forget their existence.

  • The hopeful sunrise and sunset.

  • The beautiful pearly dew drops dripping from the blade-tip of the leaves.

  • Soft rainbow traipsing across the blue sky.

  • The fragile snowflakes dawdling around in the air in winters.

  • The refreshing river rippling by.

  • The bright chirping of small birds.

  • The calm breeze blowing on my face.

  • The autumn leaf falling down gracefully.

  • The aroma of the earth after the rains.

  • The sun-rays playing among the leaves of a tree.

Just take a moment from your life and immerse yourself to feel these wonders around you. Thank the almighty for making you able enough to see and enjoy these simple things. Trust me, your life will become more lovely than you thought

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