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The Happiness Tag


I stumbled upon this tag at the orang-utan librarian… and liked it immensely. Go check out her blog, it’s amazing – I totally love her blog.

With the monsoon season all around me and awesome weather every day, it was hard to NOT do this tag. I feel happy already. So let me get on to it-

First part of the TAG:

List five things that make you happy:



They don’t listen, create ruckus all around, love to have arguments [it’s ‘discussion’ in their dictionary], fight with each other every other minute, make me run after them, dump their Whys, Whats, Wheres, Whens all over me and have endless demands… But when they come and hug me till I topple down from my seat… everything becomes BLISS!!! These two angelic devils make me HAPPIEST!!!.



Why am I having this blog for then??? 😉



I love all kinds of music which either makes me groove or relaxes me. If I love that music, it doesn’t matter to me whether I am able to understand the lyrics or not. 🙂



For a person belonging to the regions in the foothills of Himalayas – Nature or natural beauty is part of life. For me, it brings a sense of peace and happiness all over. My thoughts come alive while walking on a grassy knoll or under the shady tress with birds chirping and dewdrops falling. To be in that silence is divine. Any lush green area, indeed makes me happy.




I love doing small paper crafts like origami, paper jewellery, quilling, loom bands. Making things, through these arts, acts like a stress buster for me. It certainly makes me very happy.


Second part of the TAG:

List five songs that you love:

 I am a lover of music bands mostly. Most of my favourite songs belong to the 70s. I regret not being born in the 70s which is considered the peak time of music all over the world 😉

Every song listed here is dear to me for different reasons and when I listen to them- they make me genuinely happy.

‘WORDS’ – Boyzone

Have you ever fallen in love with a voice? I did. When I heard this song for the first time, I just skipped a heartbeat and then I was totally mesmerized… and am till date. 🙂


‘WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD’ – Louis Armstrong

The song’s lyrics and the depth in the voice just draws me to it.


TOP OF THE WORLD – Carpenters

This song is special to me because my younger one smiled for the first time while I was playing this song.



This is one of my favourite groups ever. I love mostly all the songs of theirs. But this tops them all. This song brings me hope and makes me feel that world is a beautiful place to live in.


PERFECT – One Direction

There is no specific reason. When I listen to this song, it just brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits up. Maybe it’s the voice, maybe the lyrics… Whatever it is, it just works perfect for me 😀


I tag all my readers. It is definitely a fun tag to do and I would definitely love to read about things that make you happy… Will be waiting eagerly 🙂

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