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The Year That Was 2018 (Part 1) (Blog Roll)

Happy New Year 2019, Friends,

Accept my apologies, before you roll your eyes or throw a comment towards my wishes being so late… I was on a family trip for a week and was completely occupied with visiting places and other activities. Needless to say, I will surely be sharing my experiences with you all.

But before I go forward and embrace this new year of new beginnings and new adventure, let me say farewell to the year that has gone by… which gave me many sweet memories. The year 2018, brought several moments in my life which were unexpected but priceless. I have brought together all such memorable parts of 2018 in this two-part series – The Year That Was 2018.

from a Blogger's Life

As a blogger, 2018 was a year of growth. I discovered and learned so many things and in that process I found many good blogs as well. Few of them guided me in my blogging journey. Some I loved just for their simplicity. Some blogs stupefied me with their creativity and others were a unique experience in their own.

So, in today’s part of this series, I will be sharing 14 blogs which I came across this year of 2018-

14 Blogs I came across in 2018

Go Outside Today

I met Todd during the AtoZ challenge in the month of April, 2018. We met over the posts where I recollected my childhood memories. There were a couple of incidents in our lives which were quite similar and we bonded over as we discussed them. Adding to that, I was impressed with his love towards Indian culture and language. His various anecdotes related to India during his visits are a great read. His blog is a collection of his journeys and experiences.

Todd loves to go outside (hence the blog’s name) and explore. He loves walking in woods and exploring nooks and corners of his neighborhood and beyond. He also loves cycling and has written about his journeys. I like Todd’s simple writing style. Reading his blog posts makes me feel as if a friend is sitting beside me and telling me about what he did all day.

Check out his blog here.



Kurian posts on his blog every other day. I visited Kurian’s blog for the first time in the month of April as I really liked his comment on one of my posts. At first glance, I found his blog to be very simple in contrast to my blog which had a really colourful theme at that time. But when I started reading his posts, I realized that the blog’s beauty lay in its content.

As a reader, it was my first time visiting his blog and I spent a good time reading his posts one after another. Kurian talks about almost everything under the sky, in his blog. His free expressions and opinions on various topics are the key factors which engage his readers.  I used to be surprised when I would find many comments even in his short posts. Then I realized that his way of writing brings his reader in a comfortable zone which helps them to share their opinions and experiences with him.

You can visit his blog by clicking here.


The Orangutan Librarian

This blog was among the first five which I started following at the beginning of my journey in this Blogosphere. I stumbled upon it when I was searching blogs similar to my niche. Orangutan librarian is a blog related to everything with books. The blogger refers herself as an orangutan that loves to read books. Even her review ratings are in the form of bananas.

Orangutan writes with a free spirit and allows her thoughts to come as they are. She has a unique way of analyzing and I absolutely adore her style. Her thoughts in her posts amaze me every single time and that is why I  visit her blog again and again.

Visit her blog here



When I became a part of one of the blogging communities, it was then that I came across Shailaja’s blog. She is a veteran when it comes to blogging with eleven years of experience. I was trying to pavé my way in the world of Social media and her blog came as an answer to me. I know that there are many blogs which can work as a guide for the field which I was looking into but somehow I felt more connected with her posts. Her lucid way of writing makes her posts a lovely read.

She writes on Parenting, Pinterest and Productivity. I am learning to use Pinterest for my blog and her posts help me a lot in that process. Her productivity tips aid in my time management. Being a mother, a blogger and a home maker herself she has experienced it all and that is why, I find her tips very genuine and practical. Maybe that is why I can easily relate to them and follow them.

To know more, visit her blog here.


Literary Titan

This book blog is my favorite when it comes to books. The thing which fascinates me most about this blog is the regularity with which he posts on his blog. I wish to have the same sincerity for my blog also someday 🙂

Some great reviews can be found in this blog. The blog has a wide spectrum of book genres which has been reviewed. The blog’s tagline ‘Connecting Readers and Authors’ stands so true as the blog often posts interviews of authors along with regular book review posts.

Check the blog here.



Along with these, I have to mention these amazingly insane blogs of my very close blogger friends. This 2018 was the year when we came to know each other. As we participated in same blogging challenges and were a part of many group discussions, we formed a sort of companionship. But with time we all grew closer to each other and became good friends.

These blogger friends of mine are not only a good support to me but they are also the ones whom I look up to. Their blogs are hubs of creativity and so inspiring –


Panoramic Ripples

Aditi is the blogger behind Panoramic Ripples. Her blog is a multi-niche having an array of interesting topics. Her easy-going writing style makes her posts a fantastic read. She writes on so many different categories that as a reader I always come across something new as I go through her blog.

Visit her blog here.


The Blogger’s Diary

An enthusiastic blogger Sudip is behind The Blogger’s Diary. He writes on several topics and has quite good knowledge on his subject. The sincerity and regularity with which he works on his blog is something extremely praiseworthy. He also possesses immense knowledge about the Blogosphere. An experienced blogger, Sudip, always helps out when I ask him for his guidance.

Visit his blog here.



A lifestyle blog by Sanjota Purohit is an easy to navigate blog with some very amazing posts. Sanjota writes on Travel, Entertainment, Food, Health, Fashion and Beauty. With so many categories, her posts are also quite diversified. The posts are to the point and her tips are very handy. Believe me, I have tried following many of them and they have always given me positive results.

Check out her blog here.


Pragun’s Blogazine

Pragun is a nature lover through and through. You will feel the force of nature once you visit her blog. I like her blog because of this uncommon way of presenting her articles under the categories of PanchTatwa- Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky. Her articles are close to nature, traditions and culture. Reading her posts connects you to the humane side of yourself and I really relish that feeling.

Visit Pragun’s world here



The uniqueness of this blog makes me fall in love with it again and again. This blog is a collection of events, opinions and travelogues from the viewpoint of a child. Each post is brimming with innocence of a child which is such a refreshing thing to read. The thoughts and perspective with which a child observes his surroundings is portrayed so beautifully in each post written by Suhasini. I love to visit this blog when I want to step back into the childhood phase.

Take a tour of this unique blog here


Sonia’s Musings

The blog belongs to an impressive wordsmith, Sonia Chatterjee, who also aspires to be an author. I came to know about this budding author through an ebook carnival. In the month of September, I read many of her posts through ‘My Friend Alexa Campaign’ and have been a regular visitor to her blog since then. Her blog is a sanctuary of her written work which leaves the reader spellbound. There is a certain pull in her write-ups which makes the reader visit her blog again and again. She has also received many awards and badges for her flawless work.

Take a peek into her blog here.


Book Hippo


Esha and I met through a blog event but I was instantly drawn to her blog as her niche is very similar to mine. I love her style of reviewing books. Her reviews are lively and very interesting. She speaks her mind and is very straightforward in her approach when she shares her opinion about the book. Along with book reviews she also dabbles in fiction writing. Her views related to movies are a fabulous read as well.

Do visit her blog here.


Me in Me

Maheshwaran is a blogger turned author. He owns this blog where he pens down his thoughts on various topics. He creates fantastic fictional short stories. Along with this, he is a pro when it comes to writing travelogues. I like reading his point of view on diverse topics. His opinions are clear and to the point. Most of the time he writes on issues related to day to day life and that makes the articles more engaging.

Have a look at his blog here.


Nostalgic Moments


Priyanka, the creator of this blog is an author, blogger and a poet. Her posts are mostly about reflections of life. Her flow of thoughts as she pours her heart out in her write-ups strikes a chord in my heart. I really am in awe with the depth in her writing. Her poems project emotions which make you feel connected with them.

Come visit her blog here.


So these are the blogs which really inspired me in 2018 and I wish to go a long way with them in future.

I believe you all might be also having many favourite blogs of your own. If yes, then do share your most favourite blog here. Maybe, I can also learn a thing or two from such amazing blogs.

Until then,

Written by Preeti

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