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In the second part of ‘The Year That Was 2018’ I will be recollecting all those moments which helped me know more and grow more as a blogger. In the year 2018, there were 5 Achievements which helped me grow as a Blogger

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The year 2018 began with a dilemma for me. I was in between the decision of continuing blogging or leaving it. I did not want to give up but there was nothing that provided me the motivation. Two months passed in this state of slump.

A2Z Challenge

It was around the month of March 2018, when I came across a Blog Challenge for the first time. This was ‘A2Z Challenge’ which was conducted in the month of April every year. I was interested and read about it. I wanted to give it a try before making any decision regarding my Blog. At that moment it was one last attempt to survive in this Blogosphere.

Logo of A2Z Challenge

Guess I was wrong. The A2Z Challenge became the beginning of everything good which could happen to a newbie Blogger like me. I not only succeeded in completing the challenge but learned so much during the journey.


You can read about my experiences as a successful participant in A2Z Challenge, here.


E-Book Carnival

Encouraged by the overwhelming response received during A2Z challenge, I took part in ‘E-Book Carnival’ organized by BlogChatter in the month of May, 2018. With the guidance of this Blogging Community, I took a giant leap of publishing my first e-book.

Blogchatter Ebook Carnival


The path of publishing a book was a whole new experience for me. In my farthest dreams I had never thought of it. To pave my road as an Author; to go through the process of compiling my writings and giving it a shape of a book was exciting and enthralling.

I also came across many other authors who were publishing their books in this carnival. Communicating with these fellow authors and bloggers gave me a sense of belonging for the first time in so many years in this Blogosphere. Before this event, I had felt like a nomad but now it looked I had finally found my tribe.


You can read in detail about my Ebook Carnival experience here


Self Hosting

I was elated with the turn of events. Just at the beginning of 2018, I was thinking of closing my blog and within second quarter of the year, I was not only blogging successfully but also had stepped up to publish a book. Things were looking so positive.

Self Hosting

I also realized that things can only turn out well with sheer hard work. If I wanted my blog to do well, I needed to put more efforts. For fulfilling my dreams, I needed to wake up first. And that is why I went ahead to transfer my blog on a self-hosting site.

June 2018, went in researching for a perfect platform for my blog. At last my hard work paid off and I became the owner of my own blog. It was an accomplishment indeed as I did everything on my own from the scratch.


Read about my Journey towards Self Hosting here.


Amazon Author

It is said that life can take a huge turn within moments. During those months of July and August, I was going through this feeling. One of my fellow participants of Ebook Carnival had reviewed my book and her words gave me so much strength. I received words of encouragement from my readers as well regarding the book.


Read the review of my book here


These words of encouragement helped me in launching the book through Kindle and in the month of August 2018, I became an Amazon Author.

Book Cover of The Life Lived

Now available FREE on Kindle Unlimited


My Friend Alexa

September 2018, brought another blogging campaign by Blogchatter. With this event, I came across so many wonderful blogs and the bloggers behind them. It was a great move as a blogger because I made some real good friends in this virtual world. The amount of interaction between the bloggers through this event was incredible. There was so much to grasp and learn from each and every blog.

The event left me with a group of bloggers who had similar aims for their blog and as we communicated, we became more close to each other.


I had listed many of those blogs in my previous post – The Year That Was 2018 (part-1)


Along with this, I learned a lot about Social Media and many Blogging Communities. I became part of many author groups and learned a lot from them.

The year 2018 gave me unexpected opportunities and paved new paths for me. This year gave me many memorable moments… and I am so thankful for all.

5 Achievements as a Blogger

With this I bid farewell to the year 2018 and hope to do much better in 2019.

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