Bhandardara camp is located in Sahyadri Hills of the Western ghats near the village of lgatpuri of Ahmednagar, district of Maharashtra. On the banks of the Pravara River, this beautiful camping place is located.

A large number of Historical and Natural attraction are in and around Bhandardara. That is why it is one of the best camping destinations in Maharashtra.

As it gives a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of hills, waterfalls, Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, lush greenery, cascades, mountains it is a hotspot for tourists.

The best time to camp in this place is between June to March. This camp is located at a distance of around 180 kilometres from Mumbai.

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that The Agastya Rishi Ashram was in Bhandardara. 

Moving on to our topic of top things to do in Bhandardara camping, we are going to explore interesting and exciting things and fun activities one can do in Bhandardara camping.

Glorious Sunrise

Nothing is better than watching the glorious sun rising from the green lush mountain. When the sun rays reflect from the water of the lake, the morning becomes more enjoyable. This is the best thing one can do for starting an energetic and beautiful day.

Sunrise at Bhandardara
Sunrise at Bhandardara Lakeside

One can go to the top of Umbrella falls and Sandhan valley to enjoy the glorious sunrise and sunset. You can sink yourself at the moment and get over your chaotic and busy life for a while.

You can get the perfect amount of Vitamin-D to relax your brain and muscles. I would recommend visiting this place in the winter. 


The next interesting activity, one can do is trekking in Kalsubai, the highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. Trekking and camping are complementary to each other. 

Trekking to Kalsubai Peak
Kalsubai Trekking

Here is a great booking platform to assist you in planning and booking the same. That’s why if you are visiting Bhandardara camp you must trek Mount Kalsubai.

With an altitude of 1646 meters, it is well known as Everest of Maharashtra. This is a short trek having a trekking distance of around 6.6 km and can be hiked or trekked in a single day.

Moreover, one can enjoy a lot while passing through the lush paddy fields, jungles, small streams, highlands, and rocky terrains. 


Witnessing a waterfall as you swim or enjoy a bath in the waterfall is another top thing to do on the Bhandardara camping journey.

Two beautiful and picture-perfect waterfalls are there to make your camping more amazing and memorable.

Umbrella Waterfalls at Bhandardara
Umbrella Waterfalls at Bhandardara

Randha Falls and Umbrella falls are the two waterfalls. The water of the Pravara river falls from a height of 170ft to give a beautiful view of Randha Falls.

The Umbrella Waterfalls are settled under the Wilson Dam. So, if you want to experience the peak beauty of these waterfalls, monsoon is the best season to visit. 

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Food Tasting & Village Life Exploration

Both North and South Indian cuisine is available while you camp at Bhandardara. Foodies can enjoy the local dishes thereby experiencing the flavours of Maharashtra. 

Walking through the village and having a glimpse of the life is an experience one can get from this camp. One can easily forget the hustle-bustle of their city life while breathing in the fresh village air.

Interacting with villagers and discovering their cultures and traditions is an amazing experience to have. 

Agastya Rishi Ashram
Agastya Rishi Ashram

Wanna visit some historical and epic places to know more about Hindu mythology? Agastya Rishi Ashram in Bhandardara is such a place. This place has been mentioned in the epic Ramayana.

Another religious place to have a look at is Amruteshwar Temple. This temple of Lord Shiva is around 30 km from Bhandardara.

It is a beautiful stone carved temple built by the Shilahar Dynasty in the 9th century. 

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Night Camping

Finally one can enjoy stargazing during night camping. The calm and dark environment, silent atmosphere, and soothing cold breeze set this place as one of the best places for stargazing.

Bonfire and night camping under the canopy of twinkling stars is a must-have experience.

Bhandardara Night Camping
Night Camping near the Lake

So what are you going to do to make your journey special? Don’t forget to carry your camera. Capture the beautiful moments to refresh and relish your memories later. 

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