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Why Fantasy???

On the other day, as I chatted with my friend while going to the library in my neighbourhood; I casually told her about the book which I am going to issue. I stopped short as she turned towards me with an expression of mild annoyance and said “Again!?” And I knew what she was thinking at that very moment. It was the same question which most of my friends had asked me throughout my life. It was the same question which my sister and cousins keep asking me. AGAIN?? WHY FANTASY????

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Reading and wondering about this question, I looked back to the point in my life, when I started falling in love with this genre. The inclination would have been gradual as I loved reading Fairy Tales from my childhood. But why do I love this genre so much???

Here are the five reasons why Fantasy will always be on the top of my favourite genres:

Limitless Creativity:

I enjoy the unbounded creativity in these books. It helps me to understand the author’s extent of the imagination. A long time ago, when I was a teenager, I had read somewhere that ‘There is nothing beyond Universe. One cannot imagine beyond the Universe. The thoughts, the imaginations in one’s mind are all part of the Universe.’ I don’t know but somehow these lines got embedded within me deeply.

The Pillars of the Kings over river Anduin in Lord of Rings
How wonderful will it be to see this view in real life?

So, when I read books of this genre and find something unique; my subconscious voice tells me in hushed tones that, there is quite a possibility of such things existing for real in some distant part of this cosmos. Isn’t that a heady feeling?!


I love the magical part – the part which doesn’t have logic as such but is present all around in the book. Characters are either powered by elements or have the ability to control them.

Magic is all around, you just have to believe
Believe in it!

Apparition in-between places, objects moving without anyone touching them, weapons appearing from thin air… and many more. The weirder the magic, the more edge to the story. And I love reading fantasy books which have an edge to them.


Ah! The creatures- Elves, Fae, Fairies, Nymphs, Sirens, Merpeople (taking a breath); Dwarves, Goblins, Giants, Dragons, Phoenix, Griffons (deep breathing); Unicorns, Centaurs, Vampires, Hippogriff, Pegasus, Orcs, Satyrs, Werewolves, Angels, Banshee, Gremlins, Hag, Basilisks (huff puff… I give up). The point is that with so many around still there is a complete feasibility of many new fantasy creatures getting added to this list. On top of that, these creatures are so enchanting and mesmerising.

A Beautiful Dragon
My Favourite Beast

I remember when I was a child of 10 years or so I had received a storybook as a Christmas gift. It was a Children’s Fantasy Book of ‘SunBeam Bunnies’ and ‘MoonBeam Bunnies’. I was so taken into these creatures that I used to close my room, drawing the curtains shut with just a small hole in them, to allow the sunray to pass through it. The whole room used to turn dark except the place where the sun’s beam used to fall from that hole in the curtain. And there I used to sit for hours with a basket, ready to catch any sunbeam bunny possible.

Although it was a childish act and I swear that I haven’t repeated such acts ever but nevertheless my love for the Fantasy creatures has been undeterred till date.

The World Building:

I love the different styles of World-Building found in these books. Sometimes the worlds in these books are similar to ours and sometimes way apart.

All the Fantasy Worlds in one map
What a Wonderful World!

Ranging from the astounding and incomparable ‘Middle-Earth’ world in ‘Lord of the Rings’ to the stupendous ‘Wizarding’ world of ‘Harry Potter’. From the extraordinary world of ‘Narnia’ to the astonishing world of ‘Alagaesia’ in ‘Eragon’ are few among the many fantastic worlds hiding in between the pages of several Fantasy books. Reading such books instantly transports me to these worlds which are far from reality yet so real.

The magic flowing within them, the creatures of that world, the stories, the incidents, the adventures, the terrain, the kingdoms… they all together weave a bubble around me, which I am happy to be encased within. These worlds act as reviving tools for me after a long day struggling around in the real world. Not only this, sometimes I get inspired by the way certain incidents happen and try that approach in the real world. Although I don’t guarantee that works quite so well here due to the lack of magic but nevertheless…


The last but the most important of all. Dwelling within the books of this genre gives me Hope. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said,

We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.

                                                                                     Martin Luther King, Jr.

Almost all the storylines I have read so far in this Fantasy genre, have always brought ‘Elpis’ home. The infinite struggles, the heavy losses… the innumerable fights, the uncountable traps… the weirdest of creatures, the scariest of antagonists… all together cannot destroy the hope that prevails within these story lines.

Goddess Elpis
Bring Elpis Home

As a reader, I always begin these books with a hope that everything will be alright at the end. It inspires me to look at the various phases of life also with the same mindset – everything will turn just fine at the end. Does life not become much easier with this perspective? Reading the books in Fantasy genre give me positivity towards leading my life as well. And that makes this genre more close to my heart 🙂


These are my five reasons why I like Fantasy. Let me know about your favourite genre and why you like it so much. Do converse with me in the comments section below…

Until then,

Love your favourite genres because they make you feel alive…

Written by Preeti


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65 thoughts on “Why Fantasy???

  1. Reading and watching, I love both when it comes to fantasy. Completely love this genre and I agree most with the magic part (others too). Hiwever, never came across a good book as HP.series yet. Do let me know if you have read any? #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

    1. I always have Lord of The RIngs on the tip of my tongue if I am asked for recommendation but I would also suggest ‘Inheritance Cycle’ by Christopher Paolini. Among the new authors, I liked Katherine Arden’s ‘Winternight Trilogy’ and SJ Mass ‘Throne of Glass’ series. Hope you like them

    1. If you have hardly read any, then it would be wrong of you to say that you are not a fan. Instead, it should be that you have not become a fan yet 😀 😀
      I would suggest to at least try. I have tried all genres except Horror to come to the conclusion that this was a genre which I liked the most. And you know what, many good books of this Fantasy genre have lots of romance and thrill 🙂 🙂 Hope you like some of them. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Ah! So well said Agnivo… M so glad that I have found so many fans of fantasy through this post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful post. Anything that uplifts you and starts making you believe in life again becomes your mantra. Be it Magic or something else but actually reading fantasy is like meditating in the aura of creativity.
    Such a well articulated piece Preeti. Lovely images.

    1. Ah! A Childhood is incomplete without Enid Blyton, I must say. I would read them with the same fervor even today… Team Enid Blyton!!! :))

    1. Coming from you Roma it is a huge compliment. M a big fan of your writing style and am so glad that you too love this genre. Which is your favourite fantasy book?

  3. I love to read fantacy by as a writer I find it quite challenging to write..I love the reasons you had shared, indeed it is an amzazing genre and you are doing a great job to writing for this genre.

    1. Yes, i agree with you that it is a difficult genre to write. The imagination should be set wild and free to make it different from previous work otherwise the book loses its charm. thankyou for your kind words

    1. Thanks for your compliment Dixita. Just like you, even I think that providing an escape from the real world is the true motive of fantasy. What say?

    1. I have heard so much about Robin Hobb but didn’t get a chance to read her books. But now when you have said that… am on it. 🙂

  4. Fantasy isn’t my favourite genre but I do enjoy reading it once in a while for the belief in ‘magic’ and ‘hope’ you mentioned quite correctly in the post. I enjoy Fiction which covers a whole lot of smaller genres like crime, suspense, romance etc. Depending upon my current mood and author I pick up a book.
    Enjoyed reading this post. Always good to know a fellow reader. 🙂

    1. Happy to know that we share the belief in ‘Magic’ and ‘Hope’. Even I like reading Fiction and I am more into thrillers rather than romance. Glad you liked the post 🙂

  5. I was intrigued by the post title and was thinking why not fantasy. By end of the post I am smiling. Fantasy world can be magical, hopeful and better than real world. So why not?

  6. I need to take a deep breath before I break my keyboard with all the yes, yes, exactly, yes that I want to type after reading this post! Okay so I have been thinking of what to comment and this came up: what’s your favourite fantasy book? Unfair question but please tell!

    1. Happy to know that you and I are in the same page when it comes to Fantasy. As for your question… Without blinking I would say – Lord of the RIngs. The WorldBuilding is just absolute. Just takes my breath away. My Pinterest is mostly filled pins of LOTR.
      What is yours???

  7. I love reading anything from fantasy to those everyday kind of short stories in a series which keep me glued until the end.

  8. Well, I am not big on fantasy fiction. But that is just the realist and nihilist in me sneering at the ‘happily ever afters’. But i enjoyed reading your take on it. It showed me glimpses of child-like innocence and optimism that I respect and envy.
    After all, like Mary Poppins would say,”A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way.” 🙂

  9. I am not a big fan of fantasy but loved the Harry Potter series and the journey to the center of the Earth. I agree that it is the creativity and imagination which is unique about the fantasy books.

  10. What a lovely post. I think fantasy is so interesting. I cant claim to have read fantasy but yes I have seen the movies. I loved LOTR and Narnia much more than I liked HP. I also loved Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. It brought the age old tale alive so vibrantly with lots more mystic and fantasy. I think I quite like this genre too. I should try reading it sometime.

  11. Beautiful, Fantasy is an amazing genre, i love it as it is all about a beautiful world, which I can imagine. These books teach you ample and can help you relate many things to life. #myfriendalexa #mommyinmereads

  12. Nice map combining almost all fantasy worlds. Add in a few super hero worlds too! the place will be complete. What about adding Enid Blyton’s faraway land? 😉

  13. This was such a beautiful post. Yes I do find fantasy to be one genre which holds limitless possibilities. Its like even sky is not the limit. You could be anything and anything could be possible.

  14. I must appreciate your objectivity in thought Preeti.
    I do love fantasy for their element of hope and triumph. But more than fantasy, I love the spy thrillers. They offer the roller coaster ride all through out the plot and bring in myriads of emotions, expressions that one can see, relate and experience in the real world. Its kind of the hide and seek experience till the mystery is unfolded in the end.

  15. Reading a fantasy is really cool. Author takes you to the entirely different world where you can imaginr the things which author has written about without getting caught in the ideas of known world… Nice….. Keep reading, keep writing…

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