… And this has been a really busy month my dear friends,

I have been engaged in reading, commenting sharing some very amazing travel posts. As one of the host, it has been such an unforgettable experience to be witnessing this massive success of the blogging event #XploreBharat

The whole month had me surrounded with a buzz of activities as I, along with my fellow hosts, was busy finalizing dates for each post, counter checking the places, drafting emails, designing badges, communicating with our sponsors and what not.

We all were so charged up through and through. And you know what the best thing was above all?? Our #BharatXplorers, as we fondly call our fellow participants, were also not leaving any stone unturned when it came to posting their travelogues.

One after another, the participants brought such beautiful narratives to the places they had travelled, that we were just left stunned and speechless. Bewildered by their writings and pictures our Week2 ended in a blink.

Let me give you a brief glimpse of these amazing places:-


Week 2 of #XploreBharat started with the place so beautiful that it has been called Heaven on Earth from time immemorial. Saba took us to this beautiful valley of Kashmir through her posts. The photographs were so incredible that one could get lost in the beauty of the land captured in them.

Kashmir XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Saba Scribbles


From Heaven on Earth in the Himalayas, the post for the next day took us to Purvanchal ranges in the ‘Abode of Clouds’. Sonia gave a detailed tour of Shillong that she had visited in September 2017. Also known as ‘Scotland of East’ in India, Shillong has become one destination which I need to visit, after reading Sonia’s post.

Shillong in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Sonia’s Musings


On the third day of Week2, Sanjota came along to take #XploreBharat blog train to this city which holds within itself many stories of past centuries. Hampi was the place chosen by Sanjota. It was a treat for the eyes with an ensemble of such fascinating pics of the kingdom long forgotten. I had visited Hampi myself a few years back and it is a place to visit for sure. No wonder it stood second in the list of the ‘Must Visit Places’ in NewYork Times.

Hampi in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Hackytips


On the same day, Pragun took us to Maheshwar. Oh, what a wonderful place it was!! Her love of sarees helped her to discover this amazing place near River Narmada. Maheshwar attracts many filmmakers to shoot their movies here. A perfect amalgamation of Forts and Temples, this place stole my heart as I read about it.

Maheshwar in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Balancing Panchtattwas


Next day was a ‘beach day’ with Anupriya. She took us to the eastern coast of India to the beautiful city of Vishakhapatnam. With her lively writing style, she brought the place alive in her post. As if this was not enough, her pictures in that article spoke volumes of the amount of fun Anupriya had in Vizag.

Vishakhapatnam in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Mommy Tincture


Hopping on #XploreBharat blog train towards Bhubaneshwar with Pragnya was a different experience completely. I fell in love with this City of Temples through her post. The architectural beauty of the temples left me bewildered. Not only this, the way Pragnya wrote about details of food and life of Bhubaneshwar gave me a glimpse of how truly she loves this place.

Bhubaneshwar in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: LifeWithMyPenguin


The second last stop of the week was Machilipatnam. Suhasini’s narration of travels through the eyes of her son has always intrigued me and it makes such an interesting read everytime. The way a child observes a place and what thoughts churn in his mind when they visit a new place- was beautifully conveyed in words by Suhasini. It made Machilipatnam such a delightful read.

#XploreBharat, #IncredibleIndia, #BlogBoosterIND, #Machilipatnam #ManginapudiBeachhttps://shravmusings.com/2019/02/xplorebharat-reaches-machilipatnam-oldest-natural-harbour-in-andhra/

Pic Credit: Shravmusings


And then the #XploreBharat blog train came to halt in Ganpatipule. This time it was my chance to show my fellow #BharatXplorers a beautiful beach lying on Konkan coast. Without speaking much about it, I will just ask you to read the post here.

Ganpatipule in XploreBharat

Pic Credit: Preeti’s Panorama

With this, we end this beautiful week of Exploring Bharat. Though we traversed throughout the country from North to South; from East to West… our desire to explore more hidden gems of the country is still there. There are around 50 + places still lined to show why our country is a well-known beauty in the world.

But before I end the roundup I want to give a big shout out to our amazing sponsors on behalf of the whole host team-

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    A compilation of all the posts so far. All gorgeous places, none of which I have visited. So many more places added to my bucket list.

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