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Hello Travel-Lovers,

After exploring the many beautiful and amazing places through #XploreBharat Blogtrain for 2 weeks, we finally reach the Golden beaches of Ganpatipule. You must have read the amazing read by Suhasini on Machilipatnam yesterday. Continuing the journey near the coastal regions, I bring you today to Ganpatipule Beach.

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Ganpatipule is a small town on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, in the district of Ratnagiri. Named after the Ganpatipule Temple situated on the beach, this place is a perfect refuge for people seeking a break from the routine life. Around 350km towards the south of Mumbai, you will come across this small town which has a population of about 400 local residents only.

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Although living in Mumbai gives you access to the beaches and beautiful sea view. But, this lesser known beach is truly another experience. To be honest, it is much cleaner than most of the beaches around and has one of the most beautiful sea-view.

The Waves crashing on the shore
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With my family visiting us, we made our travel plans to visit a few places in Maharashtra during the month of January 2019. Beaches are our weak spot when it comes to choosing travel destinations and hence Ganpatipule was locked for our week-long trip. We chose Ganpatipule to be our last destination before returning home as we wanted to relax and just have fun after continuous travelling from one place to another.


Sea View in Ganpatipule via #XploreBharat
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You can reach Ganpatipule directly by road but there is no direct link through railways or by air. The nearest railway station and airport is in Ratnagiri which is 20kms away from Ganpatipule. However, there are private buses available from Mumbai and Pune which reach Ganpatipule. Since ours was a family trip with kids and there were many other places to visit in various areas, we hired a private car for ourselves. It is mostly the NH-17 which you need to travel upon before you turn right from Nivali towards Ganpatipule.


Abhishek Beach Resort in Ganpatipule
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Ganpatipule does not have many hotels or resorts as it is a small town. But all the resorts are spacious and very well located.

Abhishek Beach Resort is well located and quite near to the beach. It covers a vast area with a separate dining area on the terrace and well-lit rooms along with swimming pools, a huge garden and kids playing area. The rooms are quite comfortable and big enough to accommodate a family of four. Adding to that, the view from the balcony is amazing.

Abhishek beach Resort in Ganpatipule
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The best thing about them is their hospitality. They not only provide arrangements for your transport to various places in and around Ganpatipule but also try to fulfil special requests of their customers. We came across their impeccable services when we enquired about places which provided good seafood. When they came to know about it, they took it upon themselves and went a step ahead by making a crab dish speciality for all the guests during the dinner. We were really touched by their gesture.

Crab Dish at Abhishek Beach Resort
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Travelling by road, we reached Ganpatipule in the afternoon. Due to the sparse population, one finds the uninhabited landscape for many miles in this town. The air felt lighter and we could smell the sea from afar. After a few kilometres within the town, we heard the sound of waves crashing on the shores. As we took a turn, we came across the view which we sought.

Seaview from the balcony
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The whole sea lay open in front of us. Various shades of blue in the sea with white foamy waves greeted our eyes. The road was on a higher level than the sea thereby giving us more access to the wide view. The Arabian Sea was sparkling under the afternoon sun. The vast expanse of the sea in front of my eyes took my breath away.

The Waves crashing on the shore
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We couldn’t contain our excitement to be on the beach to meet the waves and play with them. Within an hour after checking in and getting refreshed, all of us were running towards the beach. The beach is within a distance of 5 minutes from our resort.

Ganpatipule Beach via XploreBharat
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The beach was gorgeous. The sand was the first thing which I noticed as I stepped onto the beach. The sand felt so smooth beneath my feet. The kids were so happy and excited to be there. They ran into the water and splashed water on each other. The gentle breeze blowing on the shore refreshed us all.

Sunset at Ganpatipule
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 We stayed on the beach for the rest of the day. What surprised me most was, how clean the beach was. There were very few people on our part of the beach. We could see the premises of the temple a few kilometres ahead of us but we decided to visit it the next morning. The beach ran unhindered for many kilometres with the waves lapping on the shore. Sometimes one could see few black boulders jutting out from the sand. The sea was endless. There were no boats, no ships far or near. It was just the mesmerising blue sea as far as my eyes could travel.

The Golden Ganpatipule Beach
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 The time flew by as we built sand castles with our kids, walked on the wet sand and ran into the waves chasing each other. We sat on the edge of the shore as waves crashed on and around us. Sitting there, we watched the sky change its colours as the sun went down. The sunset was such a beautiful sight to behold. As we walked back to the resort, we could experience the calming effect this place was having on us.


Watching the sunset
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Next day, after breakfast we all drove to a beach next to Ganpatipule beach. This beach, suggested by the Resort Manager, is slowly becoming famous for snorkelling and scuba diving. My niece along with her father went ahead to experience the thrill of snorkelling.

Snorkelling in Ganpatipule
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As we waited for them to return, we thought of exploring this beach as well. In comparison to the beautiful, clean Ganpatipule beach, this one was more rocky with pockets of grass here and there.

Looking for Seashells
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And can you guess, what did we discover here?? Lots and lots of seashells!!! To be honest, this finding excited us more than our kids. Soon my sister and I engrossed ourselves in picking seashells from the seashore. It was like stepping back into childhood all over again. The more seashells we picked, the more we found. It looked as if the sea was playing a game with us by throwing more seashells around.


After an hour or so, the snorkellers came back and we also had a bag full of seashells to take back home. From there we came to the famous Ganpatipule Temple. This temple is said to be 400 years old and the idol of Ganpati is claimed to appear by itself from the soil.

Ganpatipule Temple

The local residents have faith in this temple situated on the beach and believe that the Ganpati residing here protects the whole town.


As we came out of the temple and walked towards the beach, we found a few water sports activities being held there. Kids and adults alike, we were all excited for the rides. Along with Jet Ski, we had Sofa Ride and Banana Ride too. The Banana ride was quite a memorable one as we got dunked in the salty water thrice.

WaterSports at GanpatiPule
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After Water Sports, we headed back to our resort. We were on spot with their lunch timings. A quick wash and we were all ready to have lunch. The lunch served was extremely delicious. In the late afternoon, we once again headed for the beach.
The waves running towards the shores beckoned us. The beach looked golden under the rays of setting sun. Sitting on one of the black boulders, I soaked in the tranquillity of the place till the sun went down. The next morning we returned back home with a wish to come back and visit this place as soon as possible.

Ganpatipule Beach
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Ganpatipule is a place for people to find peace and calm. The untouched beauty of this place relaxes you like no other. This small town of Ganpatipule with its pristine beach and clear water provides you with the much-needed break from a hectic schedule of your daily life.

If you are looking for a place to spend time with your own self, come to Ganpatipule. 

The next stop of #XploreBharat will be Mumbai with Vijaylakshmi.

Till then soak the sun and walk on wet sands of Ganpatipule.

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    1. It took me 3 years to visit it after settling in Mumbai. So dont worry.. It is never too late. And I am sure that you are definitely going to love it. The mindfulbreak which we all seek… It is right there in Ganpatipule.
      Thank you for liking my post. I hope I have encouraged you enough to pack ur bags for Ganpatipule😀

  1. I am so so fascinated by this post, know why because it is the place which is close to my heart. It is my native place. And now seeing it through a tourist’s eyes. those beautiful pics made me nostalgic.

  2. I am fascinated with this post, know why because it is my native and now I am seeing it differently through a tourist’s eyes. Loved those pics. And they make me so so nostalgic

  3. This was one of my favourite spots from our 2018 visit. After many big cities, it was nice to visit here, Aare Ware beach, and the beach near the small homestay we stayed in for several days. Sometimes I think perhaps I should keep it all a secret as it is so lovely I’d hate to see too many tourists discover it 🙂 .

    1. So so true… I had the very same thoughts and hence was in dilemma whether to write about this beautiful hidden gem or not. But then I also think Ganpatipule isn’t for everyone. It is for only who can be one with nature. If they are looking for partying on the beaches and all… they will be hugely disappointed. Ganpatipule is for those who take it as it is.

  4. Preeti, excellent post. We love exploring beach destinations too. Once we decided to travel to Ganpatiphule, but because we had a toddler with us, we went only till Dapoli. However, it is in our to-visit list, have heard a lot about it and your post just proves that we should make a visit to this place. Glad you talked about a place to stay too, as I have heard there are not many places to stay there.

    1. I am glad that my post has tempted you to visit this place. Do let me know how you felt when you visited this place. Would love to know about your experiences.

  5. Super post preeti, konkan is calling, lovely beaches its a ready reference for me as we plan to drive down konkan this year. Have always in mind to visit ganpatipule. Thanks for the share.

    1. Glad you liked it dear. And yes do that drive. It is a once in a life experience. Visit the beaches and i will wait to read your take on it.

  6. I remember Ganapatipule from my college trip, though at that time water sports was not there, hence you gave me a reason to revisit the place. And yes the temple is so beautiful. i loved this place very much.

    1. I think water sports are seasonal. They are few but I loved it that way. It helps to make that place less crowded and hence you can enjoy the beach more. And Yes, I agree with you… This place has that pull which makes you fall in love with it.

    1. I am happy that you loved it Suhasini. Reading your posts has made me aware that you love beaches and I guarantee that this will not disappoint you at all.

  7. An excellent article. The beach sounds simply mesmerising the way you describe it. The smooth sands, picking sea shells, all of it reminds me of my early childhood which I spent in Chennai. I used to visit the Marina beach with my family and those days it used to be very clean and we used to enjoy going there thoroughly. The Ganapatipule temple also sounds really exciting. This place is definitely in my bucket list.

    1. Thank you jay for appreciating. m happy that my post made you remember your childhood days. And I am pretty sure you will love this place when you visit.

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